Women held for the grandma murder for money as the cites pressure from the loan app

The Pune police on Wednesday cracked the case of the murder of Sulochana Dange, a 70-year-old lady in her house on Tuesday. Her 24-year-old granddaughter, a telecaller, was arrested on Wednesday. The police said that the grandmother, Gauri Dange, committed the murder with the motive of robbery. She desperately wanted to pay the Rs 15000 against the borrowed money of Rs 9000 from an online loan application. 

Gauri Herself made the complaint after the incident, but she kept changing the statement. This thing will bring the suspect from the police to the granddaughter, Gauri. She also admitted later and told the police that the loan app executive had been after Gauri for the past few days to repay the loan. They also sent their entire contact list and her two photos on her cellphone on Tuesday morning. The photos were with a message that her pictures would be morphed and sent to the contacts if she failed to repay the loan by that night. All this will create a panic in her mind, and she will end up committing a crime. 

The police said that they have recovered her cellphone for the investigation as she claimed the messages, photos, and the loan app matter as well. They are also approaching a jeweler in Karvenagar to ask when she sold her grandmother’s jewelry. 


  1. What was the age of the criminal girl?

Ans. 24-year-old girl 

  1. Why did she kill her grandmother?

Ans. To pay back the borrowed amount. 

  1. What is the age of the grandmother?

Ans. 70-year-old