Which is the best material for CFA Level 1: CFA Curriculum or Schweser?

Almost every person is stuck there choosing the right kind of material to pass the exam in just one attempt. If you are going to attempt CFA Level 1, then you should select the right study material. In this content, you will get to learn about the right study material and whether you have to go with the CFA Curriculum or Schweser. 

CFA Official Cirruculum

As we all know, active reading will help us pass the exam and also memorize the concepts easily. Printed books are cost-effective but you can not rely on digital books as you will easily lose focus and interest while studying. If you want to learn in a professional and minute way, then nothing is better than the CFA Curriculum. But many people find it too long to understand the concepts. You will get the curriculum books in pdf format so you can read them if you want to go deeper into any topic. 

Kaplan Schweser, CFA Level 1

If you don’t have enough time to read all the concepts very deeply, then Schweser’s notes are the best. This set includes the 7 books of Level 1 along with 1 formula sheet. Apart from this, they provide 6 practice exams within the set. If you compare the number of pages, then 1100 pages are provided by Schweser. If you do not have a financial background, then Schweser’s notes will help you to grasp the topic very clearly and deeply as well. But the negative point is that these books are much more expensive than the CFA curriculum.