Various Yoga for Healthy Sexual Life

Oh! Everything in this world comes with some amount of side –effects but Yoga is the only thing which has no side-effect. It makes you physically, mentally, emotionally and yes, sexually strong. Yoga is the only thing which can be performed all alone and with your partner as well depending upon the yoga you are performing. Before we start the several types of yoga, let’s have an eye on the benefits which results through regular yoga activity:-

  1. It offers you peace in mind and generates spirituality
  2. It tones up your body in a perfect manner
  3. It generates confidence and boost stamina
  4. It lowers the stress and increase memory power
  5. It reduces or improves the sexual stamina by firing up the libido, increasing flexibility, strengthening internal organs & orgasm etc.

Let’s have detailed study of the various yogas which are leading for the fun-filled healthy sexual life in a direct or indirect manner:-

1. Chair Pose Yoga: This yoga will help to strengthen the pelvic area of your body and thus lead to control the internal sexual organs. While sitting in the air without chair, you will learn to control your body and to improve the lower back area functioning.

2. Squat Pose:- It helps to strengthen the pelvic joints by giving right pressure on Thigh Muscles and engaging your abdominals. It stimulates the sexual glands and thus increase sexual stamina

3. Cobra Pose:- It engages your pelvic area, abdomen, back bone, chest, head and hands, In short, this pose making you more stringer in every ways. It stretches the sexual organs, stimulates blood circulation to reproductive organs and thus improves fertility.

4. Reclining bound angle pose:- It broadens the hips and can be safe for the women planning for baby and normal delivery. It also benefits the low libido and raise feelings of intimacy. It stretches the inner thigh and improves the blood flow or circulation in pelvis area. Eventually it helps to arouse the partner sexually easily and make the intercourse more enjoyable.

5. Seated wide legged straddle: Spreading you legs around and parallel your hands and bowing your head on the floor. This complete process increase libido by releasing tension in the groin muscles. Apart from this, it energies the blood to pelvic area

6. Seated wide legged straddle with side bends: as can be seen in the image, it broadens the hips area while putting a pressure on one part and stretching other side. It lengthens the spine, and makes body more flexible.

7. Lotus Pose: it exhales the negative energy from your body and enhance the flexibility of hip & thigh muscles. More the flexible the lower part, more easy will be the sex.

8. Plow Pose: It seems to be difficult but he strengthens the brain nerves, increase blood flow from upper body to lower or Vice versa, stretches the spinal cord & leg nerves which eventually lower the risk of injury while performing sex.

9. Eagle Pose: It resembles bending your body like a wire. It enhances blood circulation in the cervical area and may make your intercourse more pleasurable by stretching each of your body internal organs.

10. Goddess Pose: It enhances women confidence, learn controlling body and relives from the menstruation pain.

11. Downward Dog Pose: as can be seen in the picture, it is putting pressure on upper and lower part of the body. It strengthens the hips, legs and personal body part. It is useful for the partner who enjoys doggy style intercourse.

12. Lizard Pose: It promotes the flexibility in the hips and pelvis, stretches back bone and strengthens the hands.

13. Cat/Cow Flow Pose: It strengthens the kegel Muscles which contract during orgasm. Healthy orgasm will meet the fertility criteria and enhance the chances of being pregnant.

14. Pigeon Pose: It arouses a sense of intimacy among the partners. It releases deep tension in the hips, putting the mind in chill mode. It generates positive stamina with positive thoughts.

15. Bridge Pose: It directly targets the muscles at the pelvic floor which leads to strengthen and control the organs. It improves the body flexibility by stretching body nerves system.

16. Backbends: it put pressures on spinal cord thus improves the metabolism system. It stimulates the nervous system and release adrenaline. It strengthens and lengthens every single vertebrae and reduces fatigues & stress elements.

17. Warrior III: bending you body with on one leg with one leg up stretches each body part nerves. It strengthens the spinal cord, pelvic area, legs and cervical bone.

18. Shoulder Stand: It revitalize the organs as pressure is relieved from the lower area of the body by lifting it up. It reduces fatigue, gives energy dose, and stimulates nervous, hormonal & endocrine systems.

19. Viparita Karani Pose: Lying on the floor with back and keeping your legs up straight in the air keeps your pelvic area strong. It circulates blood flow in equal manner.

20. Child Pose:- It keeps you relax by releasing stress. It stretches the lower area of the body and supports the same with the best legs.

Regular yoga activities will surely enhance the erection power and improved testosterone. If yoga can be your home remedy for sexual arousal, what’s the need to take medicines!! Life is too short so enjoy every moment by following healthy tips. Reaching home and falling asleep by hugging the pillow is not good after marriage, instead take a moment to have healthy intercourse and feel the sexual pleasure.