Uttrakhand BJP Leader Vinod Arya was expelled after his son’s arrest

The BJP has suspended Pulkit Arya’s father, Vinod Arya, and his brother, Ankit Arya, with immediate effect. 

On Saturday, the BJP expelled Vinod Arya and Ankit Arya as they are the father and brother of the murder accused Pulkit Arya. The BJP took immediate action on this as he has been arrested in connection with alleged involvement in the murder of a 19-year-old receptionist named Ankita Bhandari. 

Ankita Bhandari is missing on the premises of a private resort owned by the BJP leader’s son, Pulkit Arya. And she was found by the police near Chilla powerhouse this morning. Vinod Arya’s son, Pulkit Arya, was arrested on Friday along with two other employees of the resort for allegedly killing the receptionist. The girl had been missing for the past few days.

In police custody, the accused confessed that they pushed her into the canal near the resort after a personal dispute. Following all this, she drowned, according to the police. After being suspended, Vinod Arya said that the district administration should investigate the matter, and if we are wrong, then action should be taken accordingly. 

The media in charge of the part, Manvir Chauhan said on Saturday that action has been taken against Vinod Arya and the Ankit on the order of the state BJP President Mahendra Bhatt. Vinod Arya is the party leader from Haridwar and has also formally served as a chairman of the Uttarakhand Mati Board with the state ministerial rank. 


  1. Who is the criminal?

Ans. Pulkit Arya 

  1. What does he do?

Ans. Murder of the Receptionist

  1. Where did he does murder?

Ans. On his farmhouse.