Top Dental Clinics in India 2023 List

A lack of dental hygiene knowledge can seriously harm your teeth and put you in need of dental care. These dental conditions can range from minor ones like bad breath, cavities, or tooth discoloration to serious ones like tooth decay, gum disease, or oral cancer.

The best Indian dentists are available to treat patients from all over the world at a reasonable cost. We have a list of the top dental specialists in India who have years of experience and are knowledgeable and skilled in their field.

The list of the best dentists in India is provided below. All dental problems can be treated by them because they have the necessary training, expertise, and experience. Let’s examine them now.

 1. Dr. Nilay Bhatia

At Cosmodontist Dental Clinic, our dentist, Dr. Nilay Bhatia, and the dental staff have offered family and cosmetic dentistry, Dental Implant services for almost ten years. Dr. Nilay is aware that there are many different medical practices in the area for patients to choose from.

Best Dentist Gurgaon
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We provide painless and gentle dental implant treatments at the Cosmodontist Dental Clinic in Gurgaon by utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technologies. Our committed support staff works hard to keep patients happy and comfortable both during and after treatment.

2. Dr. Sonali Taneja

30 years of experience

MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, BDS

Cosmetic/aesthetic Dentist

The National Skin Centre, South Delhi’s premier dental center, is run by Dr. Sonali Taneja, BDS, MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics). She is one of India’s top orthodontists. Her team offers general dentistry, specialist orthodontics, implant dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry to exceptionally high standards.

3. Dr. Vani Hegde

31 years of experience


Dr. Vani Hegde is a dentist who also practices endodontics (Root canal therapy) and dental surgery. In total, she has 25 years of experience. She belongs to both FODI and IES. She is considered to be one of India’s top dentists. The dentist offers a variety of services, including root canal therapy, bleeding gum treatment, teeth cleaning and polishing, artificial teeth, crown and bridge repair, laminates, and more.

4. Dr. Snigdha Chandorkar

18 years of experience

BDS – Dentist | Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist | Preventive Dentistry

One of India’s top oral surgeons is Dr. Snigdha Chandorkar. The Indian Dental Association is one of her memberships. She has 12 years of experience in these fields. She is an expert dentist, dental surgeon, and cosmetic dentist.

5. Dr. Manish Nehete

13 years of experience

BDS – Dentist | Cosmetic / Aesthetic Dentist | Restorative Dentist |Primary Care Dentist | Pediatric Dentist

In total, Dr. Manish Nehete has 14 years of experience. He has been a specialist for 13 years. He belongs to the Dental Council of India and the Indian Dental Association. He is among Mumbai’s top dentists. The dentist offers a variety of services, including Conservative Dentistry, BPS denture fixing, dental implant fixing, and surgical tooth extraction.

6. Dr. Kartik Mandal

43 years of experience | BDS – Dentist

One of India’s top dentists is Dr. Kartik Mandal. He is one of India’s best dentists. He has a total of 43 years of experience. He offers a variety of services, including Fixed Partial Denture (FPD), Dental Crowns, Scaling and Polishing, Fixing Crowns and Bridges, and Dental Fillings. He is an expert dentist.

7. Dr. Saloni Goyal

7 years of experience

MDS – Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, BDS | Dentist

Dr. Saloni Goyal has 2 years of experience in her area of expertise out of a total of 7 years of experience. She has particular expertise in designing beautiful smiles and straightening teeth with braces. She is one of India’s top dental doctors and surgeons.

Laureates and Honors

Gold medal – 2018

8. Dr. Shivani Mishra

7 years of experience

BDS – Dentist

Dr. Shivani has seven years’ worth of experience in this field overall. She is one of Mumbai’s best dentists. She holds a life membership in the Rotary Club. The dentist offers a variety of dental services, including general dentistry, ceramic veneers and crowns, and tooth extraction.

Laureates and Honors

Head Consultant – 2017

9. Dr. Pranali Patil

6 years of experience

BDS – Dentist

Dr. Pranali Patil has 6 years of experience in this area. She is among India’s top dental surgeons. She works out at PULSE Physios. She is regarded as one of Navi Mumbai’s top dentists.

10. Dr. Anshul Gupta

9 years of experience

MDS – Periodontics, BDS – Dentist

Dr. Anshul Gupta has nine years of experience in this area. He is one of India’s leading dentists. The doctor offers a variety of services, including wisdom tooth extraction, invisible/clear braces, laminates, brace adjustment, and overdentures. His areas of expertise include dentistry, implantology, and periodontology.

 11. Dr. Ritika Malhotra

Experience: 13 Years

Hospital: Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, Delhi NCR

Education: BDS │MDS (Periodontics)

Currently, Dr. Ritika Malhotra is connected to the Gurugram-based Fortis Memorial Research Institute. The Perfect Smile is the name of Dr. Ritika Malhotra’s dental practice, which is situated in Delhi.

Additionally, she has previously worked for Apollo Hospital, Axiss Dental, and Columbia Asia Hospital. She is a well-known participant in the Indian Dental Association and the Indian International Dental Congress.

 12. Dr. Ritu Sharma

Experience: 15+ Years

Hospital: Medanta-The Medicity, Gurugram, Delhi NCR

Position: Consultant │ Dental Sciences

Education: BDS │ MDS │ Micro-endodontics │ Certification Training (Periodontology)

In order to preserve beautiful smiles, Dr. Ritu Sharma has dedicated her training and research to preserving the natural design and structure of teeth. Tooth implants, bite adjustment, smile design, and root canal therapy, including retreatment of a failed root canal, are all areas of expertise for Dr. Ritu Sharma. She is employed as a unit consultant at Medanta-The Medicity in Gurugram, Delhi NCR.