Top 5 Common Types of Kidney Disease:

Kidneys are the pair of fist-sized parts located above the rib-cage. Kidneys are very much important to get a healthy body. Mainly they are responsible for filtering excess water, waste products & some other impurities out of your blood. The toxins are also stored in the bladder & then erased during urination. Also, these kidneys regulate the salt, potassium & PH levels in the human body. They can produce the hormones which regulate the blood pressure & control the specific production of the red blood cells. The kidneys activate the form of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium.

Nowadays the kidney disease affects about twenty-six million adults. This happens when the kidneys become injured & cannot perform the function correctly. The causes of this damage can also be high blood pressure, diabetes, and various chronic conditions. Kidney disease also can lead to other health issues involving nerve damage, weak bones & malnutrition. If that disease gets worse situation, then your kidney can stop working entirely. It means that dialysis will be needed to perform a function of kidneys. Dialysis is the treatment that filters & purifies blood utilizing the machine.

Chronic Kidney Disease

A chronic kidney disease is a common form of kidney problem. High blood pressure is hazardous for both kidneys just because this can increase the pressure on glomeruli. The glomeruli are tiny blood vessels in the kidneys where the blood is cleared. Over time, increased pressure damages this kidney & the vessel’s function starts to reduce.

Eventually, kidney function will deteriorate to a point where the kidneys cannot perform their specific job appropriately. In this case, the person would require to go for dialysis. This dialysis generally filters the extra fluid & waste out of our blood. Dialysis can also help to treat kidney disease, but this cannot cure it properly. A kidney transplant can be another option which will entirely depend on the circumstances. Also, diabetes is the primary cause of chronic kidney disease. 

This diabetes is a group of diseases that causes high blood sugar. It means that kidneys cannot clean the blood appropriately.  Kidney failure can happen when a human body becomes extremely overloaded with toxins.

Kidney Stones:

This is another kidney issue, which is almost familiar to maximum people. They happen when the minerals & some other substances in blood crystallize in your kidneys, making solid stones. These kidney stones usually come out of the human body during urination. This passing of kidney stones can be very much painful, but it rarely causes fundamental problems.

Urinary Tract Infection:

These urinary tract infections are bacterial infections of any portion of the urinary system. These infections in the bladder & urethra are very much expected. Usually, they are very easy to treat & rarely lead to serious health issues. But if this problem is left without treatment, then this infection can also spread to the entire kidney and can be the cause of kidney failure.

Kidney failure happens when your kidneys are also barely working or not working at all. This is controlled by proper dialysis. This Dialysis also involves the utilization of the machine to filter the waste from your blood. In many cases, your expert can recommend a kidney transplant.


Glomerulonephritis is the inflammation of the glomeruli. These Glomeruli are very small structures inside both kidneys that filter the blood. Glomerulonephritis also can be caused by drugs, congenital abnormalities, or infections. 

Polycystic kidney disease:

Polycystic Kidney disease is a genetic disorder that causes numerous tiny sacs of the fluid or cysts to grow in your kidney. These cysts also can interfere with kidney function & can be the cause of kidney failure. This is essential to note that all individual kidney cysts are also reasonably common & almost harmless always. This polycystic kidney disease is an entirely different and severe condition.

Usually, kidney disease does not go away once it has been diagnosed. The proper way for maintaining kidney health is to adopt a healthy lifestyle & follow every advice of your doctor. Kidney disease can also get worse over time. 

Kidney failure can also be life-threatening if this is left untreated. You do not need to worry if you got some symptoms of this kidney disease; you can easily cure your problem by taking reasonable care and proper treatment. You should visit your doctor as soon as possible if you face any kidney problems.