Top 10 Cancer Hospitals in Delhi

Life is unpredictable and no one knows what is next. Thus, the human being needs to prepare themselves for everything that life brings as challenges. Among hundreds of unpredictable issues, health issues are the toughest challenge that human being faces with each passing stage of life. Numerous health issues occur suddenly and the person is not even aware of it. One of these diseases is cancer. It is not only dangerous but somehow it breaks human beings physically and mentally as well. To fight such a disease, India has emerged with some great cancer hospitals. Among all hospitals, some of the top and well-facilitated cancer hospitals are located in Delhi.

As this disease requires lots of treatment and naturally it becomes expensive for the patient’s family therefore some of these hospitals come under the government-aided health plan. This helps the family to easily get the treatment done without the expenses. As this disease require numerous procedure to be done to cure the disease such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, and biological therapy, therefore the treatment becomes unaffordable for the families. And the government understands this critical time, therefore the government has taken the initiative to provide free of cost treatment at government-aided hospitals. To know more about the top 10 cancer hospitals in Delhi, here is the list for you.

AIIMS Delhi: 

AIIMS – All India Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the top-class hospitals in India. It is also known as one of the best hospitals in India for cancer treatment.


It enables patients to visit from all over the country and get the inexpensive treatment done. The cancer department of Surgical Oncology in AIIMS allows both inpatients and outpatients for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of the patients. The hospital has all facilities required for minor and major operation theatres for diverse types of cancers. According to the hospital’s data, on average there are 3,500 to 4000 minor and major surgical treatments are provided every year. Apart from treatments, the hospital is also involved in numerous teachings and research activities for students. The doctors are not only engaged in treating the patients but somehow they are also providing the best and advanced training for surgical postgraduates in the field of surgical oncology.

2. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center: 

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute

RGCIRC is one of the renowned and dedicated hospitals of Cancer. It is a non-profit institute that treats all kinds of cancer patients. It is also known as the visionary project of Indraprastha Cancer Society and Research Centre designed to provide the best of Oncological Care to the patients who need it. It is also becoming the widely visited and best cancer hospital in India providing all-inclusive Cancer Care under one roof. The hospital has well-facilitated technology and medical types of machinery that help the doctors to diagnose and come up with the best treatments for the patients. Since its inception in 1996, the hospital has touched the lives of more than 2.75 Lakh patients. Other than facilities, the hospital also has an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced oncology experts who look after patients throughout their treatment.

3. Fortis Healthcare: 

Fortis Healthcare

Fortis is again a well-known hospital that takes the accountability of providing the best treatment to cancer patients. The hospital has a highly qualified and experienced team of oncology that focuses on accurate diagnosis and treatment of all varieties of cancer and includes related therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and other procedures. The team is specialized in handling some of the critical cancer types including head and neck cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Stomach, and intestinal cancer, Cancer of the cervix, uterus, ovaries, Lymphomas, and related blood cancers, Sarcoma Extremity/ Non- Extremity, etc. The hospital has 20 bedded Chemo Daycare and 22 bedded Bone Marrow Transplant ICU.

4. Apollo Cancer Institute: 

Apollo Cancer Institute

The Apollo cancer institute is also known as the Indraprastha Apollo hospital. It is one of the best hospitals for cancer and it uses the most advanced technology to fight cancer disease. The hospital has top-notch infrastructural facilities and support services such as hematology, clinical genetics pathology, hyperbaric oxygen unit, flow cytometry, and histopathology. The hospital also has some great radiology services including PET-CT, cath lab, physiotherapy, blood bank, and many more. The hospital also provides a Psycho-oncological counseling service which immensely boosts the morale of the patients to perfectly fight the disease throughout the treatment and also get prepared for numerous side effects. In this way, the hospital is contributing to the country to actively fight back from such a cruel disease of cancer.

5. Dharamshila: 


Founded in the year 1990, Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre has a highly experienced team of cancer specialists and surgeons. The hospital is recognized by NABH and it provides the best cancer treatments by using top-class medical types of machinery designed with advanced technology. The hospital also provides the best of the diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and preventive services to their cancer patients. To give them ease, the hospital also has a 24-hour pharmacy, blood bank, highly subsidized guest house. The hospital also assures patients to provide intrahepatic chemotherapy as they have a separate department for it. The doctors are specialized in treating prostate cancer, so choosing Dharmshila hospital for cancer treatment would be a good choice for patients.

6. Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital: 

Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital

Established in the year 1983-84, the institute has a limited infrastructure but in 2003, the hospital got renovated and emerged with a 7-floor building equipped with the best of the medical facilities and types of machinery. The hospital also has a great team of qualified doctors, providing the best of the cancer treatments by using new technology. Radiotherapy and advanced mammography are the renowned therapies that specialized doctors are providing to patients. The institute is the first hospital to discover the hematopoietic stem cell bone marrow transplant programme. So, the hospital has an excellent research team to study various cases and prevent cancer from progressing back.

7. BLK Super Speciality Hospital: 
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

BLK is one of the popular super-specialty cancer hospitals in Delhi. It has been recognized by NABH, JCI, and NABL. The hospital has a highly qualified team of cancer doctors that assures to provide top-class treatments including Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy. Over 800 bone marrow transplant surgeries have been successfully treated in the hospital. By using the most advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment including PET scan, IMRT, Linear Accelerator, cyberknife, the doctors are treating the patients. The hospital also has Delhi’s first automated pneumatic chute system. The hospital also assures patients to provide an extensive healthcare environment for recovering patients.

8. Max Super Speciality Hospital: 
Max Super Speciality Hospital

Max is one of the well-known hospital’s patients prefer visiting. With the latest technology such as Novalis TX, Da Vinci XI Robotic system that provides best-in-class cancer treatment. Max is also involved in making the human being aware of cancer therefore it is associated with some groups and campaigns. The hospital also assures patients to provide critical cancer treatments as well such as molecular oncology, HIPEC, IGRT, bone marrow transplant, and breast cancer treatment. The hospital also provides international patient services without compromising on the quality of treatment and at affordable rates. The hospital has more than 500 beds to accommodate patients. The hospital makes sure to provide some essential services including 24-hours pharmacy and advanced technology which includes Linear Accelerator, and Brachytherapy equipment to fight cancer disease.

9. Action Cancer Hospital: 
Action Cancer Hospital

Just like its name, the hospital believes in action therefore it provides a comprehensive cancer treatment plan targeting the special needs of the patient and deals with various types of cancer treatment. The hospital has a well-organized radiation oncology department managed by a team of oncologists. The hospital has its blood bank and a 24-hour pharmacy and opens free health camps. The hospital treat patients come from different countries including Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Iraq, Tanzania, Nepal, and many other countries.

10. Cancer Healer Center:
Cancer Healer Center

Among several popular cancer hospitals, Cancer Healer Center is also a popular place for cancer patients. The center uses a special treatment introduced by Dr. Hari Krishna. By following the special healing treatment, the doctors have successfully cured over 3000 patients with the help of the immune system. The doctor assures patients that unlike Chemotherapy or radiology, this treatment will not damage the normal cells in the midst of removing the cancer cells. The patients are not prone to side effects like hair loss, vomiting, nausea, and taste buds are left intact. And the results of the treatment are different from one person to another due to the immunity system and its entire procedure. But, patients have trust in their treatment.

What is cancer?

In simple words, Cancer is an abnormal development of a body cell or set of cells. If it is not destroyed or removed, cancer can multiply very rapidly, and ultimately lead to death.

How does cancer spread?

The cancer spreads in three ways including

Cancer cells grow through the walls of blood vessels and are carried by the bloodstream to other parts of the body

They enter the lymphatic stream and are carried to the lymph glands

They grow directly in contiguity from one tissue to another

How should a person test for Cancer?

It is advised to go for regular medical check-ups rather than waiting for symptoms or pain to occur. Don’t assume that you are a cancer patient until the doctor diagnose or tell the patient whether it is cancer or any other condition. Apart from the physical examination, doctors may also ask for a series of tests and imaging procedures. If the initial tests do not disclose any mutations, the doctor will recommend a biopsy that removes a sample of tissue that is then diagnosed by a pathologist. The report will be the final result of the patient’s existing condition.

When to visit the doctor?

• Fever higher than 100.5°F
• Cough or sore throat
• Urinary burning
• Blood in the urine or stool
• Vomiting that continues for longer than 12 hours
• Severe constipation or diarrhea
• Bleeding or bruising
• Shortness of breath/chest pain
• Pain in a new place or pain that is not relieved by your pain medicine