Tips to pass the CFA Level 1 exam

It is not an easy task to pass the CFA exams, you have to be very precise with the learning system. CFA, or chartered financial analyst, is a US regulatory body that provides deep information about finance. In this article you will get to learn different tips which will help you pass the CFA Level 1:

  • Focus on the most-tested material. 
  • Don’t waste time. 
  • Develop a study plan even six months before taking the exam.
  • Take a prep course. 
  • Focus on the concept more than the practical. 
  • Practice a lot. 
  • Take breaks between studies. 
  • Know your financial calculator well. 

The very first thing you have to do is to go with the most trusted and tested learning material. CFA provides its own curriculum, which you can get on the website in pdf format. Apart from this, you can also go with the third-party supplier as they will provide you the CFA curriculum in the hard copy. Make sure you are not wasting time during the study slots. Because the more time you waste, the more time you are losing from the preparation period. 

You should also prepare a good study plan before six months and make sure you are covering all the syllabus on time. Keep aside a month just for solving the question bank and practice questions provided on the website. If you are not feeling prepared, then you can also go for the preparation course. You will find numerous good teachers and courses on the internet, choose anyone according to your understanding and budget. 
You must try to focus on concepts rather than the practicals because the CFA exam contains theory-based questions along with the practicals. So make sure you have prepared very well before appearing in the exam.