Maintaining smooth, shiny hair can be greatly influenced by how you wash your hair and the products you use. To maintain healthy hair, use these straightforward dermatologist recommendations.

  1. Depending on how much oil your scalp produces, you should wash your hair more frequently if it is oily.
    • You might need to wash your scalp once a day if it is oily.
    • You might want to wash your hair less frequently if you have chemically treated hair because it might be drier.
    • You may not need to shampoo as frequently as you once did as you age because your scalp produces less oil. However, you might not be shampooing your hair thoroughly if you notice flakes in it. Dandruff and other scalp conditions may result from this.
  2. Shampoo the scalp with a focus. Instead of washing the entire length of your hair when you wash your hair, focus on cleaning the scalp. Washing only your hair can result in coarse, flyaway hair.
  3. Except when using a “2-in-1” shampoo that cleans and conditions hair, always apply conditioner after shampooing. Apply conditioner primarily to the hair’s tips. Conditioners should only be applied to the tips of fine hair; they should not be applied to the scalp or the length of the hair because they can make the hair appear limp.
  4. Select shampoo and conditioner made for your particular hair type. 
  5. By wetting and conditioning your hair before swimming, you can guard your hair against the damaging effects of chlorine.