The Supreme Court broadcasts its trial in the Constitutional Court live

The 30 Chief Justices made a unanimous decision in the court session headed by the Chief Justice of India, U.U. Lalit. In order to improve transparency and accessibility, the Supreme Court has decided to broadcast live its proceedings of all hearings of the Constitutional Court. This change will take effect after September 27th. It is precisely a four-year landmark judgment in this regard that came in 2018.

This unanimous decision was made by the 30 judges of the Apex Court in a plenary session. It is headed by the Chief Justice of India, U.U. Lalit, and held on the evening of September 29 to implement a 2018 Supreme Court ruling. Let us inform you that on August 26, for the first time since its inception, the Supreme Court live-streamed the UTS proceedings of a bank led by then-Chief Justice N.V. Ramana on a webcast portal.

It was a ceremonial process as Judge Ramana was removed from office on August 26. Four years ago, on September 26, 2018, the Supreme Court made a major leap to bring transparency to the workings of the judiciary, allowing live streaming of court proceedings in cases of constitutional and national importance, saying that openness was similar to sunlight, which is the best disinfectant.


  1. What date did the Supreme Court impose transparency on the live streaming of court cases?

Ans. September 26th

  1. When should Judge Ramana leave office?

Ans. 26th of August

  1. When will live streaming start?

Ans. September 27th