The new combat chopper Prachand, according to Indian Air Force pilots, “flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee.”

The Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), produced in India, was delivered to the IAF on Monday. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh officially welcomed the helicopters in Jodhpur.

The newest addition to the Indian Air Force, the LCH, was given the name Prachand. The LCH, a specialized combat helicopter, was developed and produced for the first time in India. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also flew a sortie in a chopper with Group Captain Deepak Vishnoi as the commanding officer.

The 143 Helicopter Unit, also known as the Dhanush Squadron, had a positive attitude. Young pilots were thrilled to join the squadron flying the brand-new helicopters.

Wing Commander Saurabh Sharma, who is also the Flight Commander of Dhanush Squadron 143 Helicopter Unit, described flying the LCH as “flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee,” to borrow a famous boxer, Mohammed Ali.

It is a very nimble, agile machine that can be moved around incredibly well thanks to its rotor system. Its ability to fly in any weather, day or night, is the result of careful planning, he continued.

One of the young pilots, Squadron Leader Anuj, mentioned the benefit of using a display mounted on the helmet.

“In plain English, a helmet-mounted display means that no matter where I look, my gun will point in that direction.” Consequently, aiming is simple. Squadron Leader Anuj stated that the weapon was a 20 mm turret gun with a 400-round capacity.


  1. What is the full form of LCH?

Ans. Light Combat Helicopter

  1. What is Dhanush Squadron?

Ans. 143 Helicopter Unit known as the Dhanush Squadron

  1. A total number of rounds?

Ans. 400 rounds