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  1. SEO Tech Experts

SEO Tech Experts

SEO Tech Experts – Top Ranked Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency in India Head office in Gurgaon (Haryana) delivering proven Digital Marketing Service for Corporate, Schools, Institute, Manufacturers, e-business success. Our team experts understand the concepts, analyse the business in-depth, plan a strategy and then implement it successfully.

SEO Tech Experts is a google partner digital marketing agency since 2009.

Address: 130, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Sector 48 Gurgaon, Haryana India – 122018


Phone No: 9871280005

2. SEO Craft

Pay Per Click or Google Adwords is paid promotional techniques to get instant traffic on website and get relevant leads for the business. New business prefers to run paid campaign to accelerate business sales. SEO Craft has the expertise of Google Adwords (PPC – Pay Per Click) and Google Analytics.

Pay per Click services cost much as compared to organic promotion, yet it is the online powerful source to get quick profits.

Key features of PPC – Pay Per Click:
  • Optimum Choice of keywords or group of keywords
  • Competitors analysis and follow ups campaign
  • Constant campaign analysis and optimization
  • Budget Strategy and effective bidding
  • Guaranteed calls and mail response
  • Targeted Customer oriented approach

Address: Building No.5, Tower C, Level 20, DLF Cyber Terraces, Phase III, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon-122002

Phone No.: 9718620005


Best PPC (Pay Per Click) Services Company in Gurgaon

Google Adwords Leads to Immediate Clicks!!

And Immediate Clicks means Immediate results!!

Business growth pends on the new clients and new clients can be generated through website traffic & leads. Yes, no business can be promoted in a day to drive business leads. One needs great efforts to generate more business. PPC or Pay Per Click is the only promotional Campaign through which you get instant leads. Setting the campaign is not enough, you need to plan, strategize, implement, improve, and Run the campaign regularly. 

PPC is also termed as SEM or search engine marketing. With this advertising method, you can encourage the customer to show interest in your products or services. A single query can be a golden opportunity. One needs to convey the right message which is possible through the right choice of words, appealing landing page with a quick call to action. Only a successful search engine marketer can run the campaign successfully at a low cost, targeting a relevant audience. PPC is like a tool that is not useful to research the right keywords, its tracking system provides reports related to people visiting the website and using a call to action. 

Choose the Best PPC or Google Adwords Company in Gurgaon

It can be the toughest decision to choose the best PPC company in Gurgaon out of the Top 10 Google Adwords or PPC Agencies in Gurgaon. Just Google the Best PPC Company and shortlist 10 companies handling the SEO campaign successfully. 

Why should you hirea PPC Company in Gurgaon?

Do not experiment, hire an experienced company to handle your paid campaigns, not only on Google but on Yahoo, Bing & Facebook as well. 

  • You can’t handle every activity so you need a professional to handle the marketing campaigns. 
  • Instant leads save your time as you get an immediate response
  • You can have a measurable ROI. You get what you spend
  • You target Potential Customers
  • You Get valid leads which result in sales and Profits thereof. 
  • Suitable for every kind of business, be it individual, start-ups, or professional companies.
  • Achieve the goals by deriving the right traffic on the website
  • Build Brand Awareness and thus have trusted clients
  • You can Re-market and re-target existing clients which eventually increases the sustainability ratio.

Professional PPC company allot a dedicated account manager to review the account, to manually bid the keywords, to optimize & re-optimize the ads, to track the conversion & to offer suitable recommendations that help to make the overall ads successful.

In short, SEM or PPC campaign is not an online marketing option, it is a necessity. You just need to share your objectives and product information with the PPC Company so that they could create effective ad campaigns accordingly. A professional level of expertise can define the true success of your paid campaign. So hire a PPC Company to implement an effective advertising strategy, to use optimum keywords, to target relevant audience & to attract new clients keeping the sustainability of old clients as well. 

What Services are Included under PPC or Pay Per Click Campaigns?

Search Network Advertising: One of the cost-effective techniques to target the relevant audience and to increase the sales strategically. The amount will be deducted after a Click through searchable keywords.

Display Network Advertising: Showcase your products or services to the millions of people through the website, Gmail accounts, apps, youtube videos who browse relevant products or services online. 

Facebook Marketing Services: Capture the Facebook Ads features such as Traffic, Reach, Leads, Installs, Conversion through targeting relevant interest, behavior, location at the maximum lowest cost. 

Re-marketing Services: The best way to re-target the audience who have visited the website, Facebook pages earlier. Set-Up re-marketing tags help in branding, leads & sales generation. 

Landing Page Creation: Appealing the landing page would be, the response in the form of call or query will be prompt. Design the page, implement Tags, and track the conversion. Get fantastic results! 

App Promotion: If you want to promote an app and want to increase the number of installations, running CPI-based campaigns will help in more downloads by targeting specific geo-locations at the lowest cost. 

Bing Campaigns: Not only on Google, target Bing as well to increase the worldwide connectivity.

Shopping Ads: If you are having an E-commerce website and want to increase online sales, running shopping ads can focus on better ROI and regular profits. 

Process of PPC Campaigns by Professional PPC Company:-

To have a successful paid campaign, we must have a significantly designed Process which can be:-

  • Setting up Goals: Goal can be brand awareness or sales or website traffic or promoting some events
  • Consultation: Describe your goals to a PPC expert so that he could guide you according to your business need. 
  • Competitors Analysis:- If you want your bids to effect the same keywords, you just need to analyze the competitors first.
  • Keywords Analysis: Once You are sure about marketing goals, you should decide the keywords based on services & locations. 
  • Landing Page Creation: The landing page should have complete information related to products or services to be promoted with a quick call to action facility.
  • Managing Campaigns & Ads:- Set-up the account, create campaigns and Ad groups, set the budget, Create appealing ads, and make effective keywords bidding. This is the major process as you need to filter the audience, bidding strategy, and conversion codes as well.
  • Reporting:- Once the ad is on, a Proper reporting system will allow the person to track success. Better the reporting would be, you will be able to improve the points which need improvement. 
  • Optimization & Re-optimizations: Ads once created is not sufficient, you just need to have a complete track and to optimize the ads again and again till you get the desired results.