Steps to Become a CFA Charterholder

CFA is a different kind of degree as you need to work for four years to get the CFA chartered holder degree. So if you are thinking that you will get the chartered holder degree just after the exams, then you are wrong. You have to work in the field of finance and learn a lot of things about finance and grow yourself. 

These are a few things that you should know to obtain a CFA charter:

  • Pass all three CFA exams. 
  • You have to get relevant work experience. 
  • Send 2-3 professional references. 
  • Then apply to the CFA Institute to become a CFA charter holder.

3 Levels of the CFA Program:

  • Level 1 

It is the first computer-based exam and is held in a series four times a year. A candidate can take it at most twice a year, according to the six-month rule. You will get about 1.5 minutes to solve a single question, so make sure you are good with the speed. 

  • Level 2 exam 

The second exam is held about thrice a year, and it will be the toughest of the three. In Level 2, the candidate has to go in-depth into the question to answer it. The breadth of the topic and the sheer amount of material make it very hard to cover on time. 

  • Level 3 

You have to be familiar with the essay-type questions in this section as you have to provide detailed answers for the exam. So make sure you are also done with the theory and the reasoning before sitting in the exam.