Solution of prevention from next pandemic

Over the last 100 years, about 2 viruses have spilled over from animals to humans. And the main reason behind this is deforestation, as people are killing wildlife and eating it. The experts, like ecologists, epidemiologists, and economists, all believed that we could prevent the nation from viruses by doing a few things. By reducing deforestation, restricting the global wildlife trade, and increasing the emergence of new virus detectors, we can protect people from all over the world. 

  1. Reduce deforestation. 

The development of agricultural expansion is the largest driver of the new emerging diseases. Humans are disturbing animals and forests, which exploit the lives of the rest of humanity as the animals carry diseases with them into the city. 

  1. Limit the global wildlife trade-in 

There are hundreds of people who are earning billions of dollars in the global wildlife trade. The wild animal trade puts the species into contact with other species, and this will lead to the generation of different diseases. The risk of zoonotic diseases will be very high with the international trade because animals are the only carriers of viral diseases. 

  1. Increase early virus detection. 

The first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. While the researchers revealed that the virus has already been ranging through the city undetected, it leads to covid-19 to all over the world. The only way to get protection from viral diseases is to detect them at an early age and take the medication on time. 

All the above steps are very important for everyone to follow to stop the different viral diseases. If deforestation and wildlife hunting goes on, then there will be more infectious diseases that break out in the future.