How Your Social life is making you Happy?

Believe or not, One can not live alone. We are living in a digital world where we are connected with each other through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. The more followers we have, the more popular we are and more confident we have. It doesn’t mean, we should neglect the personal life or should make it public. Connecting with social circle boost our awareness and open up the ways of career opportunities.

Teenage can be seen spreading their self click on the Facebook and Instagram and looking for the huge LIKES. They feel it a matter of pride to get more LIKES. The phenomenon assumed to be drive through filmy life or celebrity style. Youth can be seen following the fashion trend of Bollywood and implementing the same in their personal life. It is not wrong at all to transform your personality in a right direction.

Here, Social life is determined by the relationship you have with your family members, neighbours, colleagues and friends with whom you are connected directly or via Social Networking platforms. Does your Social Life Making You Really Happy? The question revolves around everyone with different perspective and different scenario. Here we will discuss some of the points highlighting the positive side of having social connections:-

  • You are not Alone:- Who else wants to live alone? Perhaps no one. Loneliness is the biggest enemy causing negativity, stress, depression, addiction, alcoholic, and much more. A lonely guy seems to intake much alcohol, tea or smoking. Thanks to Social life, you are not alone as you have someone to talk with or to share your inner feelings.
    Self Esteem or Recognition:- We feel blessed getting the compliment for our dress up. We feel nice getting wishes for our success. We admire while having a long gossip after a tiring day. More likes on Facebook and Instagram Post encourage us to post more. All the things make us proud and go to the home in a happy mood.
  • Professional Growth:- Social Life help us to explore chances of career growth. Mouth to mouth recommendation is helpful getting business leads and filling the vacated positions. Well, connections are always helpful if they are based on unconditional relationship.
  • Wider Perspective:- No doubt, meeting with new people in our life and exchanging life experiences help us to broaden our thinking and perspective. There was the time when women were restricted to home only, It is the social life which has broaden the thoughts of male society and males & females are assumed to be equal nowadays. Every individual has its own story, some encourage us some make us cry and some make us laugh, but at the end, it adds experiences.
  • Improved Lifestyle:- No one born with the great personality. Our health and physic depend on the surroundings. Whether you want to play games, or go for a jog, or see movies in the theatre, having a partner will motivate you to indulge in the activities improving life style.

Social life must not affect the personal or family or Me-time. Generally, people can be seen having a boring schedule from home to office or vice versa. Working women can be found busy in cooking, working in office, handling kids and domestic chaos. Boredom affects their health and brain development. A friendly guy can be seen more open minded where as a homely guy will be more narrow-minded. Let’s blush on Your birthday, invite on your anniversary, celebrate new years, more visits at Diwali, Play Holi with neighbors and spare time for the party at least a month.

Married people are assumed to ignore social life, especially married women. This is the reason of their early sickness and low productivity. Being Single, mingle or married must not affect the social life!! Spare Time for Vitamin -D (Dosti) and have great fun with them!! We must meet with different people, should interact with them, but should not be adversely affected. Keep remember, Social life is to make us strong, happy and healthy, do not let it break us. Do not just connect with the people for goodness, Connect with social people to have more fun and to learn. Even research shows that socially active people are happier and goals oriented. Enjoy Social life with fulfilling the aspects of family Living. Stay Blessed !!

Source : GD Goenka School