Pakistan will apologize for four controversial remarks against the female judge

The Islamabad High court on Thursday decided not to frame charges against Pakistan PTI chairman Imran Khan in the contempt of court case in the controversial remark against a woman judge. The court has adjourned The contempt of code proceeding till the 29th of September. After that Khan communicated his willingness to apologize to Zeba for his controversial comment. After hearing a quantum of court case against him Imran Khan apologized before the Islamabad High court for his controversial comment about additional district and session judge Zeba Chaudhary which was made during the rally in Islamabad on the 20th of August

The code was expected to formally indict Khan 69 in The contempt proceeding against him for passing dubs comment against the female judge. On 29th August during a rally Khan threatened to file a case against top police authorities’ election commission and political opponents over the treatment made out to his aide Shahbaz Gill. Likewise, he had protested Judge Zeba as she had endorsed Gill today’s actual remand in line with the police and said that she should prepare herself as the action would be taken against her. After a few words of it is discourse Khan reserved under the anti-terrorism acting police legal executive and other institutions at his rally. 


  1. What is the name of the female judge?

Ans. Judge Zeba Chaudhary

  1. What was the date of the rally?

Ans. August 20 

  1. How much remand does she line up?

Ans. Two-day remand