In India, ISKON is one of the popular temples in which people have an undeniable belief. And people across the country and world love to visit these ISKON temples. ISKON is an abbreviation of International Society for Krishna Consciousness and it is also known as the Hare Krishna movement. Every temple of Hare Krishna has the same concept of chanting Hare Krishna Hare Rama – Rama Rama Hare Hare and the temples also have an activity room where kids and their parents can participate in different activities for special day’s celebration. Every city of India has a beautiful ISKON temple and interested visitors must plan to visit them at least once. The positive environment, bhajans, prasad, and activities certainly win your heart to the fullest and make you feel amazed.

Some of the amazing temples you can visit all over India are listed in this blog. The beauty, charm, and peace of these temples will surely compel you to revisit here and bring you an amazing experience for sure. All you need to know more about each temple, thus here we have come up with some of the incredible and beautiful ISKON temple’s list. Just go through all of them and plan your travel accordingly.

1.ISKCON Ahmedabad

ISKCON Ahmedabad

ISKON Ahmedabad is one of the widely visited temples in India. It is spread into 12,000-sq-ft and it has enough space to accommodate approximately 4,000 people. The entire temple is designed in Gujarati Sompura and Rajasthani Khamira architecture style. The temple has lots of deities including Radha-Govinda, Sita-Rama-Laksman-Hanuman, Sri Nathji, Gaura-Nitai, Jagannath Baladeva Subhadraji, and Srila Prabhupada, and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati. The visit to this temple will bring internal peace and for sure. It is also known as one of the biggest temples ISKCON has in India. The temple also provides several facilities to visitors including Life Long Membership, Guest Facilities, Sunday Feast, Free Food Service, etc.

Temple Timings: Daily Worship – 4:30am | Morning Worship, 12:30pm | Noon Worship, 7:00pm | Evening Worship, 9:15pm | Temple Closes.

2.ISKCON Vrindavan

ISKCON Vrindavan

Dates back to 1975, Sri Krishna – Balaram is known as the first-ever ISKCON temple in India and therefore the devotees have a blasting celebration every year on the special day of Janamashtmi. And people celebrate it to the grand level. Right from special decoration, prasad to the bhajans, everything in the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Apart from the special celebration, the temple is spread into a wide area and has an impressive architecture. The temple consists of a beautiful Ashram, a well-furnished restaurant, and museums to have a special visit. The Ashram is designed in such a way to provide great accommodation to visitors (for males and females), so interested visitors just need to plan the travel towards this ISKCON temple. And the visit will be fantastic for sure.

Temple Timings: Samadhi Arti Summer and winter – 4:10 AM, Shayan Aarti Summer, and Winter 8:30 PM/ 8:00 PM, Temple Closes in Summer – 8:45 PM, Temple Closes in Winter – 8:30 PM.

3.ISKCON Hyderabad

ISKCON Hyderabad

Established in 1976, ISKCON Hyderabad is widely popular as Sri Radha-Madanmohan Mandir. It is headquartered in South India. The architecture of the temple is quite old and it beautifully reflects the art and skills of architecture designers. Even being one of the oldest ISKCON temples, where visitors can have comfortable accommodation in its Ashram for males and guest house for visitors. Travelers visiting this temple can participate in the daily Vedic priest services including bhajans and prasad distribution. Apart from these services, the temple also runs the youth program wherein they can present their devotion towards Lord Krishna.

Temple Timings: All days of the week 4:30 AM – 8:30 PM and Temple shall remain closed at the following timing: 1:00 – 4:30 pm, 9 pm onwards.

4.ISKCON Anantapur

ISKCON Anantapur

Amongst the popular ISKCON temples, Anantapur temple is one of the unique ISKCON temples. The temple attracts visitors due to its charming architecture which comprises four enormous statues of horses designed and placed at its entrance. It is officially known as Radha Parthasarathi Temple and aims to spread ‘Krishna Consciousness’. It was inaugurated in 2008 and has a brilliant in-house restaurant that enables visitors to have delicious food during their stay. The temple enables travelers to enjoy and participate in different celebrations and festivals throughout the year. The charming beauty and calm of the temple win the heart of travelers. Lastly, the institute is also engaged in social work and provides food to 1500 patients at the government hospital.

Temple Timings: The temple remains open from 4 am to 12 pm and again from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm on all days.

5.ISKCON Allahabad

ISKCON Allahabad

Established in 1995, though ISKCON Allahabad is one of the smallest temples across the country in comparison to other ISKCON temples, but is widely visited due to its holy significance of the spot. The land of this temple was donated by the Kashi King. The temple has a guest house, cowshed area within the campus and it allows the visitors to have a perfect visit to this temple. The other existing deities of the temple were established in 2003 and visitors can have a lovely experience visiting this temple.

Temple Timings: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM – All days of the week

6.ISKCON West Bengal

ISKCON West Bengal

Founded in 1972, ISKCON Mayapur in West Bengal is one of the popular temples close to the city of Kolkata. It is one of the biggest ISKCON temples in the country and is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The temple has lots of deities that travelers can visit. The temple has a big campus and divided into various wings and has numerous facilities to accommodate hundreds of guests. The campus has a restaurant, gift shop, and ashram for men too. Apart from the temple, tourists also visit here due to the nearby attractions of the place.

Temple Timings: Morning 4:30 am to 5:00 am, 7:30 am to 8:00 am, 8:15 am to 11:45 am, 12 noon to 1:00 pm Evening 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm, and 8:15 pm to 8:30 pm

7.ISKCON Jaipur 

ISKCON Jaipur 

Located in the pink city – Jaipur, ISKCON Temple which is also known as Sri Giridhari Dauji Temple is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. Throughout the year, tourists visit this beautiful complex of lord Krishna. The complex also houses the statue of Lord Balarama along with lord Krishna. The statues are decked up with some beautiful clothes and accessories that make them look even more beautiful. Here in this temple, visitors can easily see the 52 stained glass windows depicting special scenes of Puranas. The temple also has an in-house restaurant, lush gardens, and a conference hall where visitors can gather for different prayer offerings and lectures. Here visitors will have a fantastic experience for sure.

Temple Timings: 4:30–5:15am, 8–11:30am, 4–7:30pm – All days of the week

8.ISKCON Siliguri

ISKCON Siliguri

Sri Sri Radha Madhav Sundar Mandir at Siliguri is one of the beautiful ISKCON temples that grab the attention of travelers from all corners of the country. The temple has a great significance as the entrance of the city is truly beautiful. The blend of both beautiful architecture and ambiance makes it one of the amazing ISKCON temples. It is also known as one of the biggest centers in North-East India and also houses a gift center a bookshop, canteen, in-house museum, and Bhagavad Gita Academy that offers a lot of things to fall in love with Krishna Consciousness.

Temple Timings: 4:30am–1pm, 4–8:30pm – All days of the week

9. ISKCON Pune 


ISKCON Pune is one of the attractive temples that visitors must visit at least once. The beauty and charm of the temple will surely make travelers feel amazed over its visit. It is spread over 6 acres and took 7 years in its construction. The temple has received a fund of Rs 40 crores from ISKCON temple in camp. The entire complex has two different temples one is of Radha Krishna Temple (the main one) and another is the Venkateswara (Balaji), Temple. The formers have used red stones to represent the North Indian style of architecture whereas the latter harbors have used Kota stones to represent the South Indian architecture. And the charm of both these temples is truly stunning. 

Temple Timings: 4:30 am – 8:45 pm – All days of the week

10.ISKCON Chennai 

ISKCON Chennai

Established in 2012, ISKON Chennai is located on the East coast road, in the southern part of Chennai and is a widely visited temple in Chennai. The temple is constructed on 1.5 acres of land and it is the largest of its kind temple in the entire Tamil Nadu. The temple has beautiful statues of Radha Krishna, Sri Nitai Gaurang, and the lord’s family. ISKCON temples across the country have earned lots more devotees, no matter which state or city travelers are visiting, they certainly find one ISKCON Temple in all major city like one in Tamil Nadu. One must plan to visit here at least once. 

Temple Timings: 9am–12pm, 4:30–6:30pm – All days of the week


How can one become a Life patron member of ISKCON?

All you need to submit the application form along with a donation and three-color stamp-sized photos. Just after a few days of submission, your card will arrive. 

How to donate?

To donate, people can use various methods including demands draft, credit card, cash, cheque, or bank transfer. Make sure that the cheques and bank transfer should be in the name of ISKCON.

Is it possible to transfer patron membership cards to others?

No, it is exclusively meant for the particular member-only and no one else can use it. 

How to online tool can help Students while writing a Research Paper

online research

A research paper is one that is very important in the student’s life. In some of the degrees, research is the essential part of the course and without it, the degree might not be granted. 

For example, in the under graduation, graduation, and other higher studies, students have to make research on certain topics for completing their studies. 

Writing a research paper is not an easy task especially when your topic is complex with fewer resources. Students usually face different issues when writing a research paper.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that are helpful in research writing including the paraphrasing tool. 

However, before that, let’s have a quick introduction to the problems that are faced by most of the researchers. 

Problems in Making a Research Paper

This is not obvious that the research paper is only for the degree instead it might be a part of the professional field. 

For example, if you are an analyst in a survey company then you might need a lot of research over different projects. 

Whether writing for education or professional work, the problems can be the same and some of the common problems are written below:

  • Uniqueness: The uniqueness in the content is very difficult for writing the research content because when you are taking the idea of another website for the research, you might get involved in plagiarism. 
  • Lack of Training: The one that is new to the research writing especially the students might get a problem in finding the material as well as making it ready to submit. 
  • Time Management: Time management is another issue faced by most of the students
  • Understanding the topic: Due to the miscommunication of the student with the supervisor, the topic might become complex or the content might get away from the original concept. 
  • Quantity and quality of the research: This also happens sometimes that the student gets low on the quantity when writing professional research. Not only this, to complete their word limit, they also use the less-qualitative content in their writing.
  • Missing concepts: When you are writing about a new topic, you might miss some of the important concepts. 

How Paraphrasing tool is helpful for the research work 

Thanks to the internet have enabled students and other analysts to perform their research with ease. There are billions of pages on the internet that can help you to complete your research. 

If you are good at researching, then it would be beneficial for your professional career. However, below are some of the common benefits of using the paraphrasing tool in your writing for the research.

  • Removing the duplication 

In this digital world, this is obvious that you make the research paper with the help of the content available on the internet. 

There are different websites like Google scholar, Wikipedia that help gets information about your topic. 

However, copying the content directly or through getting the idea wouldn’t be effective for your research. This is usually because the content would be declared as copied or you would get consequences from the publisher or author. 

To avoid plagiarism in your content, you can use the Paraphrasing tool. The Paraphrasing Tool is the tool that changes most of the sentences and phrases of your writing. 

This way, your written paper would be regenerated as unique writing and you can use it for your purpose. 

Remember, there are hundreds of examples where the copied content in the research work stopped the degree of the student. 

  • Changing the selection of words

When you are writing the research work, you might not have a good decision for using effective words. 

During writing, this is common to use the words that are in the mind but these words might not a good selection of words. 

Most of the time, the acquired language writers use simple wording in their research and it would generate a good impact on the readers. 

For this, you can use the paraphrasing tool. 

The paraphrasing tool uses advanced techniques of replacing the words of your content with the one that is stored in the database of the tool. This way, most of your simple words are replaced by the effective one while it doesn’t change the actual meaning of the content. 

Remember, the optimized writing in the research work is as important as SEO writing to the search engine. 

  • Get the choices of synonyms

Most of the paraphrasing tool which is available online usually not only change the words instead it also gives your multiple suggestions for the same words. 

These suggestions for the words would help you to keep your research paper according to your desire and you can maintain the actual meaning of the content yourself. 

How to look for a better paraphrasing tool?

We have talked about the benefits of using the paraphrasing tool for your research work but what if you use an inefficient tool that ruins your already written work. 

Remember, there are numerous tools over the internet for this purpose but not all the tools are capable of rewriting efficiently. 

The paraphrasing tool is only better when you are using the right one. Many of the paraphrasing tool for research paper don’t change much of the words which doesn’t remove the plagiarism. 

However, below are some of the factors to see in the paraphraser: 

  • The tool is capable of changing maximum words with the appropriate words
  • The tool should maintain the actual meaning of the writing
  • The tool be providing the suggestion for the words that are changing
  • The tools should be based on artificial intelligence for automatic optimize
  • The tool should maintain the original format like lines, paragraph 


The Paraphrasing tool is very beneficial for your research work especially when you find the most appropriate one for yourself. 

The research work can become amazing when you are getting high-quality concepts and using paraphrasing to remove the plagiarism in it. 

Remember, a copied content would always ruin your research because it wouldn’t be research work instead it would be a stolen work. 

Top 10 Cancer Hospitals in Delhi

Top Cancer Hospitals in Delhi

Life is unpredictable and no one knows what is next. Thus, the human being needs to prepare themselves for everything that life brings as challenges. Among hundreds of unpredictable issues, health issues are the toughest challenge that human being faces with each passing stage of life. Numerous health issues occur suddenly and the person is not even aware of it. One of these diseases is cancer. It is not only dangerous but somehow it breaks human beings physically and mentally as well. To fight such a disease, India has emerged with some great cancer hospitals. Among all hospitals, some of the top and well-facilitated cancer hospitals are located in Delhi.

As this disease requires lots of treatment and naturally it becomes expensive for the patient’s family therefore some of these hospitals come under the government-aided health plan. This helps the family to easily get the treatment done without the expenses. As this disease require numerous procedure to be done to cure the disease such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, and biological therapy, therefore the treatment becomes unaffordable for the families. And the government understands this critical time, therefore the government has taken the initiative to provide free of cost treatment at government-aided hospitals. To know more about the top 10 cancer hospitals in Delhi, here is the list for you.

AIIMS Delhi: 

AIIMS – All India Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the top-class hospitals in India. It is also known as one of the best hospitals in India for cancer treatment.


It enables patients to visit from all over the country and get the inexpensive treatment done. The cancer department of Surgical Oncology in AIIMS allows both inpatients and outpatients for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of the patients. The hospital has all facilities required for minor and major operation theatres for diverse types of cancers. According to the hospital’s data, on average there are 3,500 to 4000 minor and major surgical treatments are provided every year. Apart from treatments, the hospital is also involved in numerous teachings and research activities for students. The doctors are not only engaged in treating the patients but somehow they are also providing the best and advanced training for surgical postgraduates in the field of surgical oncology.

2. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center: 

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute

RGCIRC is one of the renowned and dedicated hospitals of Cancer. It is a non-profit institute that treats all kinds of cancer patients. It is also known as the visionary project of Indraprastha Cancer Society and Research Centre designed to provide the best of Oncological Care to the patients who need it. It is also becoming the widely visited and best cancer hospital in India providing all-inclusive Cancer Care under one roof. The hospital has well-facilitated technology and medical types of machinery that help the doctors to diagnose and come up with the best treatments for the patients. Since its inception in 1996, the hospital has touched the lives of more than 2.75 Lakh patients. Other than facilities, the hospital also has an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced oncology experts who look after patients throughout their treatment.

3. Fortis Healthcare: 

Fortis Healthcare

Fortis is again a well-known hospital that takes the accountability of providing the best treatment to cancer patients. The hospital has a highly qualified and experienced team of oncology that focuses on accurate diagnosis and treatment of all varieties of cancer and includes related therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and other procedures. The team is specialized in handling some of the critical cancer types including head and neck cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Stomach, and intestinal cancer, Cancer of the cervix, uterus, ovaries, Lymphomas, and related blood cancers, Sarcoma Extremity/ Non- Extremity, etc. The hospital has 20 bedded Chemo Daycare and 22 bedded Bone Marrow Transplant ICU.

4. Apollo Cancer Institute: 

Apollo Cancer Institute

The Apollo cancer institute is also known as the Indraprastha Apollo hospital. It is one of the best hospitals for cancer and it uses the most advanced technology to fight cancer disease. The hospital has top-notch infrastructural facilities and support services such as hematology, clinical genetics pathology, hyperbaric oxygen unit, flow cytometry, and histopathology. The hospital also has some great radiology services including PET-CT, cath lab, physiotherapy, blood bank, and many more. The hospital also provides a Psycho-oncological counseling service which immensely boosts the morale of the patients to perfectly fight the disease throughout the treatment and also get prepared for numerous side effects. In this way, the hospital is contributing to the country to actively fight back from such a cruel disease of cancer.

5. Dharamshila: 


Founded in the year 1990, Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre has a highly experienced team of cancer specialists and surgeons. The hospital is recognized by NABH and it provides the best cancer treatments by using top-class medical types of machinery designed with advanced technology. The hospital also provides the best of the diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and preventive services to their cancer patients. To give them ease, the hospital also has a 24-hour pharmacy, blood bank, highly subsidized guest house. The hospital also assures patients to provide intrahepatic chemotherapy as they have a separate department for it. The doctors are specialized in treating prostate cancer, so choosing Dharmshila hospital for cancer treatment would be a good choice for patients.

6. Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital: 

Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital

Established in the year 1983-84, the institute has a limited infrastructure but in 2003, the hospital got renovated and emerged with a 7-floor building equipped with the best of the medical facilities and types of machinery. The hospital also has a great team of qualified doctors, providing the best of the cancer treatments by using new technology. Radiotherapy and advanced mammography are the renowned therapies that specialized doctors are providing to patients. The institute is the first hospital to discover the hematopoietic stem cell bone marrow transplant programme. So, the hospital has an excellent research team to study various cases and prevent cancer from progressing back.

7. BLK Super Speciality Hospital: 
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

BLK is one of the popular super-specialty cancer hospitals in Delhi. It has been recognized by NABH, JCI, and NABL. The hospital has a highly qualified team of cancer doctors that assures to provide top-class treatments including Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy. Over 800 bone marrow transplant surgeries have been successfully treated in the hospital. By using the most advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment including PET scan, IMRT, Linear Accelerator, cyberknife, the doctors are treating the patients. The hospital also has Delhi’s first automated pneumatic chute system. The hospital also assures patients to provide an extensive healthcare environment for recovering patients.

8. Max Super Speciality Hospital: 
Max Super Speciality Hospital

Max is one of the well-known hospital’s patients prefer visiting. With the latest technology such as Novalis TX, Da Vinci XI Robotic system that provides best-in-class cancer treatment. Max is also involved in making the human being aware of cancer therefore it is associated with some groups and campaigns. The hospital also assures patients to provide critical cancer treatments as well such as molecular oncology, HIPEC, IGRT, bone marrow transplant, and breast cancer treatment. The hospital also provides international patient services without compromising on the quality of treatment and at affordable rates. The hospital has more than 500 beds to accommodate patients. The hospital makes sure to provide some essential services including 24-hours pharmacy and advanced technology which includes Linear Accelerator, and Brachytherapy equipment to fight cancer disease.

9. Action Cancer Hospital: 
Action Cancer Hospital

Just like its name, the hospital believes in action therefore it provides a comprehensive cancer treatment plan targeting the special needs of the patient and deals with various types of cancer treatment. The hospital has a well-organized radiation oncology department managed by a team of oncologists. The hospital has its blood bank and a 24-hour pharmacy and opens free health camps. The hospital treat patients come from different countries including Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Iraq, Tanzania, Nepal, and many other countries.

10. Cancer Healer Center:
Cancer Healer Center

Among several popular cancer hospitals, Cancer Healer Center is also a popular place for cancer patients. The center uses a special treatment introduced by Dr. Hari Krishna. By following the special healing treatment, the doctors have successfully cured over 3000 patients with the help of the immune system. The doctor assures patients that unlike Chemotherapy or radiology, this treatment will not damage the normal cells in the midst of removing the cancer cells. The patients are not prone to side effects like hair loss, vomiting, nausea, and taste buds are left intact. And the results of the treatment are different from one person to another due to the immunity system and its entire procedure. But, patients have trust in their treatment.

What is cancer?

In simple words, Cancer is an abnormal development of a body cell or set of cells. If it is not destroyed or removed, cancer can multiply very rapidly, and ultimately lead to death.

How does cancer spread?

The cancer spreads in three ways including

Cancer cells grow through the walls of blood vessels and are carried by the bloodstream to other parts of the body

They enter the lymphatic stream and are carried to the lymph glands

They grow directly in contiguity from one tissue to another

How should a person test for Cancer?

It is advised to go for regular medical check-ups rather than waiting for symptoms or pain to occur. Don’t assume that you are a cancer patient until the doctor diagnose or tell the patient whether it is cancer or any other condition. Apart from the physical examination, doctors may also ask for a series of tests and imaging procedures. If the initial tests do not disclose any mutations, the doctor will recommend a biopsy that removes a sample of tissue that is then diagnosed by a pathologist. The report will be the final result of the patient’s existing condition.

When to visit the doctor?

• Fever higher than 100.5°F
• Cough or sore throat
• Urinary burning
• Blood in the urine or stool
• Vomiting that continues for longer than 12 hours
• Severe constipation or diarrhea
• Bleeding or bruising
• Shortness of breath/chest pain
• Pain in a new place or pain that is not relieved by your pain medicine

Top 10 Best Antivirus Software in India

Businesses of today’s era are flourishing day by day with high technology but they are also being protected by the best development of antivirus software. And having a secure antivirus security service is quite important than anything else. After all, the antivirus protects the website from numerous online or cyber threats, that target the businesses as well as consumer’s data. To be safe and successful in this high-tech savvy world, it has become essential for all businesses to get the best antivirus software installed in all devices that contains confidential details of business and consumers. It will help businessmen to protect the business from diverse threats and challenges.

Now, the major concern of businessmen could be about selecting the right antivirus for their businesses. As there are hundreds of antivirus software is being developed across the world and it becomes tough to choose the best one for the business. Among hundreds of antivirus software, Indian businessmen are using the most successful and unbeatable antivirus software that not only protects the device but also protects the data from diverse cyber threats and misuse. Here is the list of top 10 best antivirus software in India, helping businesses to protect the business and confidential details of clients, now choose the best one as per your choice and run the business without any apprehension.

  1. Norton: Norton is a well-known antivirus software and is highly being used by businesses and professionals. It offers unbeatable protection from diverse malware and virus that can enter while using the internet. This software has been designed carefully that ensures full-protection of the user’s device. It can be installed in any operating system including Android and Windows. It is reliable for professionals. It is also easy to install and avail of its best benefits. With its great features and 100% protection guarantee, professionals can work flawlessly without any trouble. It is available in different plans; professionals can choose the best plan as per their business requirements.

Benefits: Norton is the best solution to protect the devices. It provides protection from malware, spyware, and viruses that can attack online. It also maintains privacy, no matter which device you are using. It avoids accessing insecure websites and doubtful downloads. The protection plan enables the user to add more devices other than the existing one.

2. Bitdefender: Widely popular Bitdefender is a great choice for professionals as it is one of the highly-rated cybersecurity software that never fails to protect the devices and networks from numerous malware. It is quite powerful and effective in providing diverse protections without any issue. Professionals looking for web protection, protection from fraud, phishing, and spam must get this brilliant Bitdefender antivirus software. The installation is easy and the results are awesome. It is one of the recommended antivirus software, so professionals must go with this and protect the business from diverse online attacks. It is available in different plans, choose the best plan as per your choice.

Benefits: This antivirus provides real-time and on-demand protection against malware. It comes up with anti-theft tools, tune-up tools, VPN, Parental controls, Password manager, etc. Now, professionals can relax as this tool enables the experts to protect the data, confidential details, and safeguarding files from encryption.

3.McAfee Total Protection: McAfee is one of the popular antivirus protection software that protects businesses from various online spyware, malware, ransomware, and viruses. It is being used by several professionals and they find it quite good. The antivirus not only commits, but it really offers an impressive range of internet security protection for all computers and mobiles. It is also famous for its best feature “MY Home Network”, this feature helps professionals with an easy-to-read map of all devices and it protects the Wi-Fi network and stops intruders from entering the online network. It enables the devices to stop unauthorized access attempts from various attacks.

Benefits: The antivirus has almost every feature that professionals look for including encrypted storage, malware protection, a password manager, a browser extension, and a VPN. And McAfee iOS app also provides phishing protection and theft protection. Thus, it is the perfect antivirus that professionals can avail according to their use.

4. Kaspersky Anti-Virus: A well-known brand of antivirus, Kaspersky is present in the industry. It is highly used and recommended by the windows users only as it is meant for windows only. It provides top-notch protection service and also commits to highly configurable virus scans, self-protection defense, and drive-by cryptomining infection prevention. Its anti-malware capabilities are up there with the best of them. The antivirus provides coverage for up to five Windows PCs and will provide fundamental security essentials. There are several packages available with the brand, users just need to pick the most suitable one as per the requirement.

Benefits: The best features of this anti-virus include an excellent antivirus engine, impressive against undiscovered threats, fast scans, and highly discoverable cryptomining infection prevention. With these features, professionals can easily protect their devices, online malware attacks, and great defense. Now, experts can avail the best package as per the protection requirement. It is also a worth purchasing experience.

5. Avira: Avira has the best antivirus engines in the world. It consistently scores 100% during the testing as a result professionals recommend this antivirus. It provides a powerful and wide range of internet security packages. Avira’s system optimization tools include a startup optimizer that saves a full 2 minutes from my PC’s start time. Power boost enables professionals to put all available resources into a single task and it is great for gaming. On-Watch comprises of an automatic computer clean up according to pre-set specifications. With these features, professionals of diverse online businesses can protect their data from any kind of online attack.

Benefits: Some of the best benefits of this antivirus include real-time malware protection, password manager, VPN, advanced ransomware protection, privacy optimization, system optimization, premium apps for Android, and iOS. These features enable experts to perfectly protect their devices and data from all types of malware attacks.

6. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus: Webroot is a lightweight antivirus solution that is being used in both Windows and Mac. The software runs lighter and it eventually leaves a lighter approach to antivirus software. Thus, the software doesn’t require heavy or bulky updates, with just a 2 MB download it becomes ideal for folks with a slower internet connection. Even being the lighter software, it runs very fast and doesn’t even slow the pace of old systems. The programs of this antivirus are designed in such a way that it is plentiful effective on diverse malware threats. The price of this antivirus is affordable and businesses of all standards can avail of it for the best protection.

Benefits: The best benefits of this antivirus are always-on security, real-time anti-phishing, firewall monitor, identity protection, and lighter on system resources, provide super-fast scans, lacks in testing data, etc. These features make the antivirus different as well as affordable. Professionals looking for simple and effective antivirus can choose this antivirus.

7. Avast: Professionals searching for an antivirus that is effective for both Windows and Mac must stop their search at Avast antivirus. Avast has plenty of features that professionals of diverse sectors can install this antivirus to protect their businesses. The antivirus has Ransomware Shield, Real Site DNS hijack prevention and Wi-Fi Inspector that always make sure to provide protection from online malware attack. Avast looks for vulnerabilities on the network and locks the possibilities of attack there itself. As it comes in diverse packages and ranges, therefore experts can use the best package as per the use and protect the data and confidential details from any kind of disruption. For example, Avast Ultimate is another option that offers Premium Security bundled with Avast’s Secure Line VPN and some other extras benefits. So, professionals can look for it.

Benefits: It is a heartily well-featured security suite carrying plenty of smart features, highly configurable, slows down the PC, and provides mixed results from antivirus testing labs. It is affordable for everyone.

8. Intego: Professionals looking for exclusively designed antivirus for MAC must stop their search at Intego. It is the best antivirus designed for MAC. Intego enables the MAC users to be stress-free as this antivirus provides proper internet security and optimization which truly enhances Apple’s safety and it includes some great features real-time malware protection, Mac optimization, and cleaning tools, advanced Mac backup options, network security options, and parental controls. The antivirus software has scored a perfect detecting rate against the malware enters the MAC system. It is available in different packages and users can choose the best package as per their requirement.

Benefits: Now to secure the MAC, professionals need not search more as INTEGO is the best option. It eradicates malware. Its scanner is very fast, hence it catches the defect very easily.

9. Trend Micro: Trend is one of the widely popular and recommended antivirus software. It is made by Japanese Cybersecurity Company, offering a wide range of antivirus plans including Internet Security, Maximum Security, and Maximum Security (Premium Service). Each of these offers consists of diverse features and professionals can choose them as per their requirements. Phishing protection is where this antivirus really stands out and detects cyber issues. The software has also scored a great rating in phishing protection tests. So, it is one of the recommended antivirus software that professionals can choose for their business protection.

Benefits: It has a strong set of security and privacy features. It is also popular for being good at phishing protection. It will be quite beneficial to protect confidential data and avoid the chances of malicious websites looking to steal credit card numbers or passwords.

10. Bullguard: It sounds a bit different than the rest of the other antivirus, but it works perfectly just like any other antivirus. It protects the data just like a bull does. The antivirus contains lots of features including phishing protection, an anti-malware engine, a game booster, etc. The game booster feature of the antivirus enhances the performance of the game and never slower downs the system. On the other hand, the anti-malware engine protects against numerous online attacks that are possible by Wi-Fi networks and devices. Users can even take the advantage of 30 days free-trial before its purchase. The trial period will help the professionals to judge it perfectly.

Benefits: The anti-malware engine is designed for all users, not just for gamers. So, professionals can rely on this software when it comes to providing total protection to the device as well as internet security.


Does antivirus software slow down the computer?

While running any program, the computer certainly gets slow down and antivirus software is no exception. However, the impact would be very negligible and it can be only noticed by expertise knowledge.

How much maintenance does antivirus software require?

The software designed in today’s high-tech world requires very minimal maintenance. It simply requires an in-depth scan on a regular basis, all updates require being updated and downloaded from time to time.

What features should a person look for in an antivirus program?

Antivirus software must contain the basic features including Real-time Scanner, Scheduled Scans, Automatic Virus Updates, Automatic Program Updates, On-access Scanner, On-demand Scanner, Compressed File Scanner, Script Blocking, POP3 Email Scanning, Webmail Protection, Instant Messaging Protection, Web Protection, Internet Security, etc.

Top 10 IT Companies in Bangalore

Bengaluru is widely popular as the hub of the IT sector, hence more than half of the IT companies are established and headquartered in Bengaluru and run their services from the registered office located in diverse cities across the country. The registered offices of these IT companies are located in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Coimbatore, Bhubaneshwar, Indore, etc. IT companies have captured a large market in the industry and contributing to the country in terms of empowering the young generation with the best of the job opportunities and contributing a great ratio in improving the economy of the country.

Every IT company has played a major role in making India one of the reputed countries in the world. Now, the world keeps an eye on India’s IT innovations, services, and hard work and also love to avail those services. Each IT company is trying to beat the existing competition in the world and come up with the best services and innovations. Now, to know more about the top IT companies of India, you need not search more as we have come up with a list of proficient and top IT companies that are working in India and are as follows:

1.Wipro: Established in the year 1945, Wipro was a vegetable and refined oil manufacturer and later converted into a giant Information technology Firm. Currently, it is headquartered in Sarjapur, Bangalore. Today the company is empowering the customers and communities to work with more flexible frameworks that are made with advanced technologies and enjoy more adaptive “business-anywhere” facilities as well. It truly fueled up the industry with its intelligent innovations and transformative technology. The company put its best efforts to improve diverse segments of the country including Industries, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital, Engineering NXT, and Geographies.

Services: Some of the major services the companies deals in are Data, Analytics & AI, Applications, Digital Operations and Platforms, Consulting, Infrastructure Services, Cybersecurity, Engineering, Construction & Operations, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Natural Resources, New Age Markets, New Age & Media, Network & Edge Providers, Oil & Gas, Platforms & Software Products, etc.

2.Infosys: Founded in 1981, Infosys is an NYSE listed global consulting and IT services company with more than 240k employees. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. With hard work and determination, the company pioneered the Global Delivery Model and became the first IT Company from India to be listed on NASDAQ. With 39 years of rich experience, the company has introduced some of the major changes that have led to India’s emergence as a global destination in the IT industry. As a result, the company has grown from the capital of US$250 to US$12.87 billion (Q2 FY21 revenues) company with a market capitalization of approximately US$58.82 billion. In this way, the company has made its way in the IT sector and today it is popular for its diverse IT services.

Services: Some services Infosys provide its clients are Digital Marketing, Digital Commerce, Digital Interactions, AI & Automation, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Engineering Services, Internet of Things (IoT), CIO Advisory, Supply Chain & Operations, Enterprise Products, AI & Automation, Digital, Enterprise Change, Transformation Management, Business Process Management, Customer Service, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Sourcing & Procurement, etc.

3.Tech Mahindra: Tech Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational technology company, established in 1986. Since its inception, the company aims to provide the best of the IT services and consultation and business process outsourcing (BPO) to its clients across the globe. It is also known as a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, has its headquartered in Pune and registered office in Mumbai. It also has its sub-branches in many other popular cities including Bengaluru, Delhi & NCR, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Gandhinagar, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mysore, Noida, Nagpur, Trivandrum, Visakhapatnam, and Warangal. The success of the group has led the company to come up with innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences. Recently, Tech Mahindra has been recognized amongst India’s 50 best companies to work for in 2020 by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Services: Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Enterprise Business Solution, Data Analytics, Network Services, Cyber Security, Business Process Services, Testing Services, Performance Engineering, Business Excellence Services (Consulting), Telecom Product Engineering, Enterprise of Future, Customer Experience, Digital Supply Chain, etc.

4.Accenture: Accenture is one of the top-class and largest IT and consulting companies in India that has a great hands-on strategy and digital technology. It was founded in 1989, and headquartered in Ireland, and has multiple offices in Bangalore. The company provides its top-notch services to more than 120 countries in the world. In 2015, the company had about 150,000 employees in India, 48,000 in the US, and 50,000 in the Philippines, and in 2019, Accenture appointed Julie Sweet as their new chief executive officer. It is known as one of the top 10 companies of India in the IT industry and Software service providers. Hence availing of services from Accenture will be a good deal for clients for sure.

Services: Accenture deals with some broad services including business strategy, technology strategy, Consulting, Digital, and operations strategy services.

5.TCS: Established in 1968, headquartered in Mumbai and have registered office in multiple cities of the country including, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Noida, Hyderabad, and many more places. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and operates in 149 locations across 46 countries. The company has flourished business across all these cities. It is one of the notable companies in the IT industry and also famous for its business consulting and outsourcing services. The excellent services, innovation, and determination have made the company to have the 64th ranking overall in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking, in 2015. In April 2018, TCS became the first Indian IT company to reach $100 billion in market capitalization.

Services: Potential clients can avail of some great services from TCS are Consulting, TCS Interactive, Analytics and Insights, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Applications, Microsoft Business Unit, Cognitive Business Operations, Conversational Experiences, Automation & AI, Engineering & Industrial Services, Cloud Apps, Microservices & API, Cyber Security, Quality Engineering, etc.

6.Oracle: Widely popular Oracle is a technology and software-based company in the world. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, and has 10 offices in Bengaluru. The offices are located in different areas of Bengaluru including Marathalli, CV Raman Nagar, Bannerghatta Road, Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, etc. It is counted as one of the top IT companies in India. The company feels proud to provide services that complement financing, training, consulting, and hosting services and for them, the company makes sure to come up with the best Oracle designs, manufactures, and sells both software and hardware products. Such far-sighted decision of the company never let down it and enables them to become a well-known brand and have highly educated and experienced professional designers and developers to work on different software, and platforms.

Services: Some of the product and services the company offers to clients are Oracle’s E-delivery service, Oracle Database, grid computing, Middleware software products, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, Oracle Beehive, business applications, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Siebel, JD Edwards, Third-party applications, Enterprise management, Development software, Hardware – Oracle Cloud, Oracle Financing and Support.

7.HCL: HCL is also popular and falls amongst the top 5 IT companies in India. It is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and has 5 offices in Bengaluru and the major one is in Electronic City. And it has a vast presence across the globe for its best services that helps some important sectors of the country including defense, aerospace, automotive, financial services, energy, consumer electronics, public services, utilities, server, life sciences, storage, travel, telecom, logistics, natural resources, healthcare and much more. The company has its offices in 34 nations and hence it is known as a multinational company and has a market capitalization of about $22.1 billion and consolidated revenue of $ 6 billion. The company has been housed with over 110,000 employees working across 31 nations.

Services: IT consulting, remote infrastructure management, enterprise transformation, research and development, engineering, and BPO Business Process Outsourcing solutions. Some other services clients can look for are application development, infrastructure management, and technology distribution.

8. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited (LTI): LTI is a global IT solutions company based in Mumbai and has offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Navi Mumbai. Other than India, the company also has a great presence across the world including North America, Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Founded in 1996, LTI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Ltd. and between 2001 – 2002; the company’s name was changed from L&T Information Technology Limited to Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited. After a few years, the company dropped its “Infotech” and renamed itself LTI. From 2014 to 2019, the company has received several awards and recognition from India as well as from abroad. The company has played a major role in empowering the country and contributed well enough to the economy of the country.

Services: Services clients can avail from LTI are Cloud, Consulting, CIS, Agile, Assurance and Quality Engineering, Cyberdefense resiliency, and application management.

9.Mphasis: Mphasis Limited is an IT Services Company headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company was formed in 2000 after the merger of two companies US-based IT consulting company Mphasis Corporation and the Indian IT services company BFL Software Limited. The company has its great presence in India and Abroad with delivery centers in 19 countries including India, China, Australia, Japan, North America, and Europe and In India Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Mangalore.

Services: Mphasis provides information technology services to its customers around the world including application development, application maintenance, and support services. Some of the popular sectors where the company provides financial services are insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, transportation, communications, and consumer and retail industries.

10.Mindtree: Mindtree Limited was formed in 1999 and known as Indian multinational information technology and outsourcing company headquartered in Bangalore, India, and New Jersey, USA. It is also popular as the part of Larsen and Turbo group. Being part of the IT and consulting industry, the company deals with diverse services including cloud computing, digital transformation, data analytics, testing, e-commerce, mobile applications, enterprise application integration, and enterprise resource planning, etc. And with 43 offices in over 18 countries, the company is running successfully and serving the nation brilliantly.

Services: Some services the company deals with are Data Analytics, Digital Services, Application Development, and Maintenance, Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Management, Engineering R&D, Enterprise Application Services, Testing, and Infrastructure Management Services.


What benefits does an IT Company guarantee?

The IT companies deal with some confidential details and data, thus they assure their clients to keep the data protected. When it comes to price guarantee, the company makes sure to develop the project within the quoted budget. And lastly, the result guarantee is based on the team of efficient professionals, and the company gets it done within the deadline of the project. Lastly, the experts also go through the final testing of the project.

How does the company assure the quality of the project deliverable? 

Well, the company hires the most-efficient and industry-driven experts to come up with flawless performance. And the company also provides some rough ideas about the conclusion of the project and clients can judge based on those parameters. Before its submission, the IT professionals make sure to do its testing which certainly gives the final status of the project, whether it is good to go or not. With these aspects, the company assures quality service.

Does an IT company provide any discount?

The prices of the projects are quoted as per the industry norms and standards and if the budget doesn’t suit the client, the companies go through a healthy discussion, and based on discussion, the final price is quoted to clients.