Cops Deliver Summons To Former Delhi Minister’s Residence Amid Religious Event Conflict

The Delhi Police have called former Delhi minister Rajendra Pal Gautam in for an interview today due to the controversy surrounding his attendance at a religious conversion event. At 2:00 PM today, he has been asked to appear for questioning.

At the event in Delhi on Saturday (October 8), where thousands of people converted to Buddhism, the former minister was overheard swearing. His oath stated, “I shall have no faith in Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara, and shall worship none of them.

The pledge is one of 22 commitments made by Dr. BR Ambedkar that individuals make when converting to Buddhism. Mr. Gautam had earlier stated in his defense that “these are repeated in these events organized every year since 1956.”

Just a day after denying receiving any notice for questioning, he was today seen signing the summons letter that the police had handed to him. “There has been no notification. I provided the information requested when the police came to question me this evening, he told reporters on Monday.

The BJP referred to Rajendra Pal Gautam’s attendance at the event as “religiously divisive” after his oath caused a political controversy. Additionally, it declared Arvind Kejriwal to be “anti-Hindu.”

On the other hand, he claimed that it was a “social and religious event”. According to him, those who were converting to Buddhism were making the traditional 22 commitments laid out by BR Ambedkar. He stated, “These are repeated in these events held each year since 1956.”

6 hurt in UP fight between two communities over loud music, according to police

 During a Durga Puja immersion procession in the Baldirai neighborhood of this city on Monday night, members of two communities engaged in stone-throwing due to the loud music being played, injuring six people—including a police officer.

According to the Circle Officer of Baldirai Rajaram Chaudhary, the incident happened in the evening as the immersion procession passed by a mosque in the Ibrahimpur neighborhood at the time of “azaan” while DJ music was being played.

He claimed that after the processionists were asked to turn down the noise, tempers flared and stone-throwing broke out between the two sides.

A police team led by Mr. Chaudhary arrived at the scene as soon as they received word of the incident and stabilized the situation.

According to the police officer, at least six people were hurt in the incident, including a police constable, and they were taken to a community health center.

According to police, the incident happened because loud music was being played close to a mosque. (Representational)

Due to the loud music that was playing at the time, members of two communities started throwing stones during a Durga Puja immersion procession in the Baldirai neighborhood of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on Monday night, injuring six people, among them a police officer.

The incident took place in the evening during “azaan” while DJ music was playing, according to the Circle Officer of Baldirai Rajaram Chaudhary, as the immersion procession passed by a mosque in the Ibrahimpur neighborhood.

Immediately after receiving information about the incident, a police team led by Mr. Chaudhary arrived at the scene and stabilized the situation.

According to the police officer, at least six people were hurt in the incident, including a police constable, and they were taken to a community health center.

According to him, a police force has been sent to the area and things are under control.

Following the incident, district magistrate Ravish Gupta and police superintendent Somen Verma also arrived at the location, according to Mr. Chaudhary.

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After a disagreement over his attendance at a conversion event, a Delhi AAP minister resigned

Rajendra Pal Gautam, the minister of social welfare in Delhi, resigned today in the wake of vehement BJP protests over his attendance at a religious conversion event in Delhi on Friday.

Following his resignation, Mr. Gautam tweeted: “Today is Manyavar Kanshi Ram Saheb’s death anniversary and Maharishi Valmiki ji’s manifestation day. By a strange coincidence, today is also my birthday and I’ve been set free from many bonds. I will now firmly and without boundaries keep fighting for rights and against social injustices.

Given that the BJP used Mr. Gautam’s attendance at the religious conversion event as justification to attack the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which bills itself as the main opposition to the ruling BJP in Gujarat, where assembly elections are set to take place later this year, Mr. Gautam’s resignation is significant.   

After being accused of attending a religious conversion event where Hindu deities were denounced, the AAP minister came under fire from the BJP and sparked criticism for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. At the gathering, hundreds made a commitment to become Buddhists.

The BJP demanded that Mr. Kejriwal fire Mr. Gautam after the incident, and they attacked him for refusing to do so.

Before yesterday’s rally in Vadodara, Gujarat, by Mr. Kejriwal, AAP workers removed anti-AAP posters from the area. All anti-AAP signs and banners that had been erected along the party leader’s route to the rally site were taken down by the workers. Before yesterday’s “Tiranga Rally” in Vadodara, members of the ruling BJP tore AAP banners in protest of Mr. Gautam’s alleged “anti-Hindu” remarks.