Mamata fears the CBI and Modi haven’t done this

Mamata Banerjee said that many people don’t know that the CBI doesn’t report to the PMO anymore as it directly reports to the Home Minister. She gave this exoneration of sorts to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of the businessmen under the radar of the investigation. She blamed BJP leaders for conspiring and pointed out that the CBI now reports to the Union Home Ministry and is also controlled by the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah. 

She also said that businessmen are leaving the country and running away because of the fear of the misuse of ED and the CBI. In a meeting in the Bengal assembly, she said that the PM hasn’t done this as the central investigative agencies are misused by the central government. 

This comment is surprising as Mamata Banerjee is always been an aggressive critic of the PM and Amit Shah. On the other hand, BJP’s Suvensu Adhikari also suggested that she was trying to help her nephew and the party. Because she is being questioned by the ED in connection with the coal scam in the state. He also added that the BJP would not fall for this ploy as she is trying to save herself and her nephew. 

However, she had other complaints with the PM. She indicated that she was guilty of listening to his advice on the subject of cheetah that he released with great fanfare if his birthday. She said that I advised the PM, with due respect, that they advise you to stop funds for Bengal. Why don’t they advise you to stop buying cheetahs? I wished the PM yesterday. I advise him not to mix party and government. You are trying to control the nation by using Pegasus. You will be sacrificed one day when everyone’s phone is tracked. 


  1. Who is the chief minister of West Bengal?

Ans. Mamata Banerjee 

  1. What is the full form of ED?

Ans. Enforcement Directorate

  1. Name the party of Suvendu Adhikari?

Ans. BJP