King Charles pays tribute to the Darling Mama with loyalty and love

King Charles remembered Queen Elizabeth II in his maiden who breathed last on Thursday and followed 70 years of reign. The British Royal family confirmed the demise of the longest-serving monarch when they said that the 96-year-old passed away peacefully t the Royal estate in Scotland. 

If you follow the old protocol, then 73-year-old Charles became the eldest person who acceded to the British throne. After the death of the queen, he referred to Prince William and Kate Middleton as the prince and princess of Wales. A shift in the line of succession came into being after the death of the queen. The eldest son and the daughter-in-law will be the prince and princess of Wales. 

Thousands of people gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to the queen and King Charles, who stepped out to interact with the well-wishers. After that, he turned to London from the Balmoral Castle. 

The Words of King Charles 

I pay tribute to my mother’s memory and I honor her life of service. I know that her death brings sadness to so many, and I share that sense of loss beyond measure with you all.  Queen Elizabeth was a life well lived; promise with destiny kept, and she is mourned most deeply in her passing. The promise of lifelong service is renewed to you all today. 


  1. Who will be the next king?

Ans. King Charles 

  1. At what age did Queen Elizabeth II pass away?

Ans. 96 years of age. 

  1. Do people love King Charles?

Ans. Yes