How to Choose the Right Oncologist in Gurgaon?

If patients know that they have cancer, it can turn their world upside down. But if they take an effective role in medication, that may help them feel more in control. Choosing the right oncologist or cancer specialist is the first essential step towards fighting cancer.

As we all know, cancer is the deadliest illness. That is why every patient has the right to get advantages from medical treatment by receiving effective care from well-trained and highly skilled medical experts. If the patient or their family members live in Gurgaon, they need to know how to choose the best oncologist. The points are listed below- 

Envisage the oncologist’s experience first –

A doctor’s experience always matters when critical diseases such as cancer. If your physician has more experience with specific cancer treatments, you will get better treatment. If patients need a particular treatment, always try to clear their doubts from their oncologist. Comfortable communication with your doctor also helps to give you better treatment. 

Explore Hospital Quality – 

Always try to check the quality of the hospital your doctor should refer to because the quality of care is very important to prevent cancer at the hospital of your oncologist. To explore the hospital quality matters to the patients because we often found that the patients of well reputable hospitals have better survival rates and fewer complications. The hospital’s supporting system also matters or is important to cancer for their quick recovery. 

Overview of the patient reviews/ratings – 

Before medication, people need to know what other patients have to say about the oncologist providing treatment; it will be good for them if the patients also check how their physician practices medicine and how their means the patient’s medical practice is operated on. To know the patient reviews, ask themselves about their experience with scheduling appointments and office staff friendliness or check the hospital websites reviews. 

Type of cancer the patients have – 

It is essential for patients that he or they must be looking for a doctor who specialises in cancer. If you have colon cancer, an oncologist cannot treat them best. There are many different paths from which you can learn about the special interests of oncologists. Gurgaon is well known for their a famous oncologist. Patients can look for the databases and check who treats their cancer best.

Consider your comfort – 

It is essential to feel comfortable talking about their oncologist’s problems. Because patients will need to openly discuss personal information, if they are uncomfortable sharing the problems, they need to change their oncologist. But generally, oncologists are skilled, and after the experience, they become more specialised in caring for women and as well as for men differently.

Confirm the certificate of the oncologist before treatment –  

Generally, patients would like to consult with a specialist who has good knowledge and can provide the best service. The oncologist must stay up-to-date with their certification because an old process may not work for patients or take too long to survive. 

Cancer is curable if the patient takes proper care under a good oncologist, then they have chances to survive very quickly. Proper treatments will also give patients hope to be better. If the patient’s condition is serious, then choosing the right oncologist is the last step for the patient fighting against cancer.

Dr. Aditi Aggarwal – Expert Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Aditi Aggarwal is one of the leading radiation oncologists, who has been trained from Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. She has training and experience of different radiation technologies including IGRT, SBRT, IMRT, SRS, SRT and has a decade of experience in the radiation oncology field. Over the years she has worked with some of the most prestigious names in the country