From 60% in UPA to 95% in NDA: A surge in the share of Opposition

The CBI and ED are the country’s premier anti-corruption agencies and have acquired many an epithet for their reputation for acting at the behest of those who pull their political strings at the center. 

Let us tell you that over the past 18 years, the spanning of the government of rival Congress and the BJP. About 200 key politicians and the CBI were booked, raided, arrested, and questioned. If we check out the percentage, then it is about 80 percent of the rank of the opposition. 

If we talk about the Congress-led UPA in the last ten years, which is from 2004 to 2014, about 72 political leaders came under the CBI scanner, and 43 of them were from the opposition. It is about 60 percent from the opposition parties. But under the BJP-led NDA in the eight years so far, the opposition’s political footprint has shrunk. A total of 124 prominent leaders have faced CBI probes, and 118 of them are from the opposition, which leads to 95 percent. 

About 43 opposition leaders were under probe by the CBI, and the BJP had the largest share with 12 of its leaders being questioned, arrested, and raided. Let us tell you that the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, a Gujarat Minister, was also arrested by the agency in connection with the alleged encounter killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh. 


  1. What are the two non corruption bodies of the government?

Ans. CBI and ED

  1. What is the ruling period of the BJP?

Ans. From 2014 to now.  

  1. Which is one of the oldest parties in India?

Ans. Congress