The 10 Best Places To Go For Education in India

top 10 schools in Gurgaon

The heroes of tomorrow are probably playing around in your house today, but a strong foundation must be established for them so that they grow into intelligent and responsible citizens. To choose the ideal school for your child, look for one that is close to your home and ensure that their academics and your finances are balanced throughout the process. To ease your decision to select the best school for your child here is a list of the Top 10 schools in Gurgaon.

G.D. GOENKA Signature School

G.D. Goenka Signature School is one of the top-notch schools in Gurgaon they follow a structured Co-Scholastic curriculum that is supported by vast visual and performing arts facilities. The school itself is a completely new world for the kids, with art, music, dancing, athletics, technology, creativity, engineering, management, and so much more.

The Shriram Millenium School

TSMS is regarded as one of the best schools in the city, with an engaging infrastructure for students that are constructed to offer personalized teaching. The school has an excellent educational philosophy that maintains a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities in which students can develop impressive abilities to improve communication and confidence in various expressive methods.

Heritage Xperiential Learning School

Heritage Xperiential Learning School is one of the country’s greatest schools, thanks to its outstanding academic reputation and infrastructure, as well as its focus on children from economically weaker backgrounds. With a fee structure similar to that of any other day school, it stands out for the quality it provides, not just in terms of facility, but most significantly in terms of teaching and learning.

Scottish High International School

Scottish High International School is a day boarding Senior Secondary School.  Through the combined efforts of their dedicated students, staff, and parents, the school sustains and maintains its proud heritage of quality teaching and learning, occupational health and safety, and safe environmental practices on 5 acres of land with beautiful landscaping and well-developed eco-friendly plantations. It is the first school in India to receive ISO 21001:2018 certification for maintaining a high-quality education that caters to everyone.

Pathways World School

It is located across 34 acres of property in the beautiful Aravali Hills, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is also one of the first International Baccalaureate (IB) institutions in North India, providing students with a well-rounded curriculum, extracurricular activities, and boarding facilities.


Made Easy School offers alternative education in the mainstream through experiential learning. Their faculty has a global perspective and extensive expertise, which is complemented by ongoing professional enrichment activities, which are at the heart of the school’s learning experiences. Its goal is to make its school a regional leader in terms of providing high-quality education to its students.

The Sixth Element School

The school’s goal is to provide essential assistance to their pupils and to watch them develop into confident, secure, and empowered children with positive attributes and strong self-esteem – all of which are necessary prerequisites for effective learning.


The school promotes a culture of excellence and is a living example of principles. The school adheres to a child-centered curriculum that aims to recognize and nurture the unique skills of all students at every stage of their growth in the school.


Its purpose is to create a warm, caring, safe environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, self-confidence, and independence in kids so that they can become role models for peace and succeed in an ever-changing world.


They are adamant about pursuing greatness in every discipline possible, and they work hard to understand and meet the unique needs of their students. The school strives to assist their pupils in the best possible way by creating a dynamic environment where children may learn when they want to, not when they have to, and by encouraging them to recognize and achieve their full potential.

Final Words

It’s time for you to get ahead of the competition and choose the best school for your child. Making the right decision can be difficult when you have so many options to choose from. Our blog is dedicated to providing you with the latest information on the top 10 schools in Gurgaon so that you can make an informed decision. For more such articles visit Top 10 Company

Top 3 Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR

List of Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

Digital Marketing Course is a practical learning training like car driving, these days student are very confuse for “How to Choose Best Digital Marketing Institute” .

  • DM Guru – Live Project Digital Marketing Training Provider (Gurgaon)

Get the best Digital marketing training institute in Delhi NCR. DM Guru provide the best training on SEO, SMO (social media marketing), PPC (Google and Facebook ads) WordPress Website Design, ORM and digital marketing with Live Project.

  • ECT – Digital Marketing Course (Delhi)

With ECT – Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR, you can get a complete digital marketing training with practical classes that will be based on live projects.

  • PIMS – Digital Marketing Training Institute (Noida)

If you are interested in learning how to market your brand through digital media, then you should consider joining the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. Learn to do what you have always dreamed of doing-marketing through digital media.

Top 10 Online Plagiarism Checkers

Best Plagiarism Checkers

The web has evolved to become a major source of all sorts of information. Today, there are breathing thousands of web pages that are generated daily, and usually, there is no one to regulate what is being uploaded. And as a result, there is a huge trick for people to turn to plagiarism, either intentionally or unintentionally. That’s why it is extremely important to check plagiarism before publishing or submitting any content.

For this reason, Today, we are going to learn about the top 10 plagiarism checker tools, so that we can live with satisfaction. Read on!

Preferable Plagiarism Detectors – Best Tools selected for 2021


It is the most powerful and complex real-time plagiarism checker that gives instant findings. This assistance requires an unlimited free check of up to 800 words. This free check does not compromise on user’s privacy and data accuracy. Besides, possesses some extraordinary features. It includes the capabilities to handle business and other responsibilities. There exists a large selection to select from relying on one’s needs. In short, this plagiarism tool is the most popular, outstanding, reliable, convenient, and handy tool that can prove perfect for everyone!

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is another trusted tool that is a must-have for every content creator. It not only allows one to fight against plagiarism but also assists one to become a better writer. Once you add input to the tool’s system, the system will scan in-depth and start searching and matching from all across the internet. And in a matter of a minute, you will have accurate results. The best thing is you can know the content’s plagiarism as well as grammar errors. It proofreads whole texts, analyzes for up to 250 types of grammatical and spelling errors, and delivers instant results. This place can be ranked as the 2nd best option when it comes to plagiarism checking with its added benefits of grammar checker features.

  1. Search Engine Reports

SearchEngineReports is free plagiarism checker tool that both content writers and students can use. This online search analyzer has a relatively general limit of 2,000 words per search. You will have an option to upload a file from your computer system or Dropbox. Additionally, its search by URL feature is not only free but is worthy of running up to five URLs at a time. This place uses a multi-language technique, that’s why it can work with more than 17 languages.

Besides, it also requires three diverse ways to value your plagiarism search results, including, sentence-wise results, matched sources, or document view. Once the plagiarism checking is finished, you can see the report from another web page and can directly transmit it. You can also download the report by using the Plagiarism checker PDF button.

  1. PlagScan

PlagScan is a straightforward, quick, and valid way to withstand plagiarism. It scans not only on online content but also inner databases. It enables the uploading of numerous reports at a time. There isn’t any need to install anything on the computer system as all required is a browser and internet connection. PlagScan also offers a restricted free trial for new users.


Here comes Plagium’s easy-to-use plagiarism tool that lets you discover plagiarized content in text and URLs. It performs this by allocating the text into snippets and comparing them to online sources. Plagium asserts that this technique offers users cleaner, less rough search results different from other search engines. Additionally, this tool is standard with free online plagiarism checkers, and you can put a maximum of 1,000 characters in the text box. It gives you two options, including a Quick Search or a Deep Search, for both you are required to get registered first.

  1. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools plagiarism checker is standing sixth in our top lists. This tool caters mainly to the needs of content writers and freelancers who wish to ensure that their work is unique for better SEO ranking. However, it can be utilized for exploration, too.

Small SEO Tools’ plagiarism checker helps you paste the text onto the text bar or simply upload a document in different file formats. Well, uploading documents from Google Drive or Dropbox is also feasible. With the help of this cost-free tool, you can search up to 1,000 words at a time. Like most free services, it works the same.

  1. DupliChecker

Duplichecker is well known for its accuracy and easy-to-use techniques. It is specifically designed for students and teachers who want to secure the integrity of their academic work. DupliChecker is an open and easy to access tool that calls attention to a typical text box that lets you examine 1,000 words of text per search. You have to upload files or paste in URLs to test plagiarism for a specific site. Once you do that, click the Check Plagiarism button so that it can express a double chart of plagiarized vs unique content.

  1. Paper Rater

Paperrater is an unrestricted online proofreading service that lets writers from any point run a computerized quality check on their work. Paper Rater performs grammar checks, offers writing recommendations, as well as operates a free plagiarism check. It utilizes a Linux based operating network to check documents for similar contents.

Like other free plagiarism checkers, the Paper Rater site works on the same method and provides 100% accurate results.

  1. Plagramme

If you are struggling to find automated and sophisticated plagiarism checking software, then Plagramme is the exact one for you. It possesses a free version. That doesn’t let anyone down. This cost-free online plagiarism checker is considerably used by universities, individuals, businesses, and software experts.
And, the satisfactory news is it does not have any word limit. The way it works is authentic. You can upload a text to Plagramme, and this place with its advanced algorithms searches any text in its database, and within a minute, the results with proofs will be ready.

  1. Copy Leaks

Last, but not least! CopyLeaks is an excellent and convenient way to analyze entire websites. It benefits multiple file setups and multiple languages. It is a bit restricted because it only searches for online content. It possesses an Android app alternative and is accessible in multiple languages. Assistance for free users is limited to 10 pages monthly and just 250 words per page. For paid ones, there is a combination of premium services to select from. CopyLeaks is wanted to ultimately become a paid service, which means that a moment will appear when it will no longer be usable for free.

DM Guru – The Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Delhi /NCR

Best SEO Agency 2019
DM Guru – Live Project Class

DM Guru, One of Best Digital Marketing Training Centre in Gurgaon which aims to offer Real-Time Digital Training. DM Guru is a part of SEO Tech Experts which is founded by Mr. Sachin Gupta and Co-founded by Ms. Shilpi Gupta. DM Guru delivers the quality Training session through industry experts only. Almost 72 modules are covered related to SEO, SMO, ORM, Website Designing. The Teaching methodology is simple, interactive and customized according to trainees. Anyone, be a housewife, freelancer, working professional, entrepreneur or fresher, anyone can join this course.  Boost your business and career with professional Online Marketing Training!!

Award Organised by: APS Research Media

Source: Top 10 Company

Top 5 Digital Marketing Institute in Gurgaon Delhi/NCR 🥇

Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon

Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon

Digital Marketing Course Overview

The development in digital marketing is growing continuously at a rapid speed and marketers face a number of challenges at every stage of promotion. Though there are a number of challenges in marketing, but there are some great opportunities as well that professionals are required to pay attention in digital age. To learn such kind of techniques through which practitioners can promote the brand in the best possible way without losing any of the opportunities, so it is important to get the training from a reputed institute as the trainers enables students to learn the techniques and practice them during their training programmes. There are a number of digital marketing courses available for their students that they can opt to have a better future in digital marketing field. Special modules are designed for the students to learn, practice and become a successful SEO professional. The module comprises


There are different types of modules available at the training institute, it is important for the professionals to choose the best one at on their own and accordingly learn and practice it. But, while chosing the right module as per your interest, it is also important for the learner to opt for AdWords Fundamentals, Campaign type, and its certification as it really important in present time. The AdWords Certification category have specific course packs that comprises of its study guide that enables the students to prepare for certification exams and supplemental materials that will help in setting up the campaigns for successful results. 

AdWords Certification

The Google AdWords Certification is one of the globally recognized stamps that enable the practitioner to prove his/her knowledge and capability to work on the latest AdWords tools and best practices as well as your ability to effectively manage AdWords campaigns. Practitioners receive a personalized certificate of AdWords Certification from Google Partners and it enables the professionals to show the expertise. To become an AdWords certified professional, a practitioner need to pass 2 of the AdWords certification exams that includes Display Advertising, Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising.

People who are looking for the enrolment of Digital Marketing Program, they can really get good benefit out of it as the training program enables the practitioners to learn the structure, mentorship and the opportunity to work with the experienced professionals of Digital Marketing Network. Here is the list of renowned educational institute, who provides best digital marketing training along with Google certification.


DM Guru – Digital Marketing Training on Live Project

Digital Marketing Training Institute
Digital Marketing Institute

DM Guru, is one of the renowned institutes in Gurgaon who takes the accountability to provide career-oriented Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Google Webmaster and Google Analytics short term Course covering each and every aspect of current market scenarios and Search Engine algorithms. The institute has a group of IT experts and SEO professionals who aims to provide best training to their students and make them efficient in their chosen program of digital marketing. The professionals at DM Guru encourage their students to perform best on their projects of promotion and also practice on the LIVE PROJECTS given by the institute. DM Guru has an approach that theatrical classes are not enough for the professionals to practice the techniques of digital marketing, therefore the professionals provide Live Projects to work on and nourish the marketing skills. Other than these important aspects, professionals also help candidate to work on extra curriculum activities like scheduling interview session, resume preparation, interview guidance, written study material etc, so that they are capable of accepting diverse challenges of the industry. Practitioners who are looking for the details of DM Guru Modules are as follows:

Training Modules

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation for Business
  • Web Analytics
  • Website Optimization and Usability
  • Digital Display Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)

Each of these modules comprises of theoretical as well as practical classes through which practitioners will easily learn and practice the course so that they get best of the experiences. Once the professionals will get complete the course of their module they will get certification for the particular course such as follows:

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Content Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Search Marketing

The professionals or trainers at DM Guru are specialized in providing best of the training to their students and make sure that they complete the module and pass all the examination to get the certification. DM Guru also tries to provide job placement to their students, which is almost negligible in education sector. The total cost of the course will range from 44,000 to 60,000 and it will not affect the pocket of their students. So, students who are looking for the best training as well as job in the industry, they must consult to DM Guru.

Official Website:



SEO Institute Gurgaon
Live Project Digital Marketing Training

Established in the year 2008, Seo Tech Experts is one of the well-known companies of Digital Marketing who provides best service as well as training to their customers and students. The main aim of the brand is to provide best digital marketing training to their students and make them efficient enough to continue it as their profession. The experienced and knowledgeable trainers at Seo Tech Experts are capable of providing best of the training to their students and ensure them to perform excellently in the practical. Being the Award Winning Digital Marketing Company, the company aims to provide live projects on which students can work and learn how the theoretical works. Other than live projects, the students can even work on their own projects to learn and practice.

While providing the digital marketing training the professional are focused to provide best of the services to their students by aiming diverse benefits of the industries such as follows:

  • Exploring the emerging tools offered by internet
  • Monitor, evaluate and iterate traffic-building activities for marketers
  • Access the realm of social media
  • Understand and estimate the mind-set of online consumer
  • Design tools to enhance consumer online experiences
  • Evaluate internet-marketing metrics and identify KPI
  • Intergrade the digital marketing and traditional marketing efforts
  • Benefit the marketers through better consumer segmentation, forecasting consumer trends and consumer analytics
  • Extracting consumer DNA and aid decision making in marketing

It has observed that hundreds of students are benefited through these key benefits and it enables the professionals to perform according to the upcoming industry challenges. The module on which SeoTechExperts provide training for atleast 3 months are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content and Blog Marketing (CBM)
  • Mobile Marketing (MM)

Advantages of Training Program

  • Practical hand on experience to get you ready for the job
  • World class study material from leading publishers
  • A short session of missed class is given to students
  • Get certified by the SeoTechExperts body of management
  • Special training for Blogging and Content Marketing is provided

Once the students are get done with all entire courses then the assessment process takes place which is again divided into two process or levels such as

A. Module assessment: Based on assignments and projects

B. Final assessment: Covers entire topic of the course

So, students who are willing to get enrolled in the upcoming batch of SeoTechExperts, they must visit the institute once and complete all the formalities as the prices of the course are reasonable and it ranges from 35,000 to 55,000.

So, hurry before the batches get full, enroll your name in the new upcoming batch.

Official Website:


SEO Craft – Live Project SEO SMO PPC Training

SEO Craft is again an experienced company of Digital marketing who takes the accountability to cater best of its services to their customers. Other than the services of digital marketing including, SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, ORM, email marketing, mobile marketing, the company also initiated to provide excellent training of Digital Marketing. Students who are looking for the best institute of Digital Marketing can leave their worries on SEO Craft. The company has experienced trainers and professionals who aim to provide best lectures, hard copies and practical classes to enhance the digital marketing skills among the practitioners and make them best professionals of this field. The company comes up with latest marketing modules to provide best course to the students, so that they can achieve best benefit out of the same course. The core modules of the company are

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

CORE MODULES (Every student should attend these sessions)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Web Analytics 

SPECIALIZATION MODULES (On the basis of the online marketing objectives and interests, students can choose the specialized module and accordingly start their classes)

  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Adobe Analytics – Site Catalyst
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Advanced Display Advertising
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Facebook Marketing (in association with Facebook)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing (in association with LinkedIn)
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • How to become a Freelancer in Digital Marketing?
  • E-commerce Listing vs Website vs Marketplace
  • How to create an Infographic Resume?

Each of these course is designed on the basis of the current digital marketing demands, so that students can easily chose the right module as per their choice and begin their career with the right specialization.

Assignment and Projects: The trainers at SEO Craft are quite experienced and they have the motive to provide more knowledge to their students that’ why they provide diverse kinds of challenges in form of assignment and projects. When the student learn and practice more and more on the assignment then only they can get the experience to work on client projects. So, it is important to make as much experiments as possible on client projects.

Industry Case Study Exercises: The professional make sure to provide core modules, so that students can study the diverse challenges of industry. A number of cases of renowned brands are provided to students to do the case study.

Research Based Internship: To build the confidence of the students, SEO Craft has come up with research based internship through which the students become expert in researching a number of cases. The professionals make sure that they get the internship in research based classes to get best result for their bright future.

Official Website:


NIIT – Digital Marketing Courses for Working Professionals

NIIT being the leading institutes of education, who is known for diverse courses including Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Soft Skills Training, Retail, Telecom, Capgemini Programs, etc, has emerged with the digital marketing courses as well. The institute has experienced staff and professionals to provide best of the trainings to their professionals. To provide the best theoretical knowledge to their students, the brand has partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute from Ireland to get the course material.

All the courses that are offered by the institute are not available online. One has to visit the institute in person to learn and practice the course. The institute has more than one hundred NIIT learning centres in over 30 cities in India, so students can easily enroll their name in any of the nearest institute of them. The training provided to students is done in simultaneous manner in many NIIT centers across the nation. The main courses that NIIT provides to the potential students are

  • Digital Marketing Diploma Course
  • Mobile Marketing Diploma Course 
  • Social Media Marketing Diploma Course
  • Search Marketing Diploma Course

In digital marketing program the trainers enables the students to gain a deeper understanding of all the elements of Digital Marketing and practice within the institute to have better knowledge and understanding. Once the students complete the entire course of digital marketing, then Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing–DMI Ireland (PDDM) is also given to the students to have the professional stamp of the knowledge and capability.

Students who are looking for the best course of Digital Marketing from NIIT then, they can visit to the institute and get the consultation for the same. According to the student’s capability and interested course, a suggestion of training is given to the students. Apart from the capability or interest, the professionals also suggest the course on the basis of the budget price. There are diverse types of courses are provided on diverse prices, so students must visit the institute to finalize the course and its price.

NIIT doesn’t provide online learning program to their students, so it is best to visit the nearest institute to get the best details as well as find some drawbacks of NIIT Digital Marketing program as well.

New batches are going to get start in mid of May, so students who want to be the part of the batch, they can consult to the right person and move ahead to have the bright future in digital marketing field.


Digital School

Digitalscool is one of the best places in the industry of Digital Marketing through where students can take training of Digital Marketing. The company has the combination of both youth and experienced professionals who believe in brand’s growth and success by providing best result of digital marketing strategies. The brand of digital marketing is focused to provide design centric, strategy driven and result oriented work for their clients, likewise they also wants their students to work best in their field of digital marketing. To provide best training to their students, the company has come up with best modules such as follows:

Basic Digital Marketing Course

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimizaiton
  • Social Media Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Webmaster Tool.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Adwords (PPC)
  • Google Analytics
  • Affliate Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Infographics Content Marketing
  • App Store Optimization

Who should attend this SEO Training Course ?

  • Online Marketers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
  • Copywriters and Content Writers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • PR Professionals
  • Product Managers and Brand Managers

Course highlights

  • Challenging course designed to equip you with the key theories and practical skills needed to pursue an exciting career in marketing
  • Strong focus on developing your business skills and growing your real-world experience of the digital media sector to enhance your employ ability
  • Experienced teaching staff from diverse backgrounds, many of whom are involved in pioneering research and consultancy projects that will inform your studies

Career Options after you learn 

Work as a freelancer providing SEO,SMO and PPC service.

  • You can start your digital marketing company.
  • You can do job in any Digital marketing company as digital marketing expert.
  • Start website or blog and you can earn through ad sense.
  • Get job in top internet marketing companies as team leader.
  • You Can earn money by creating youtube Channel.

Certified Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

  • Principles of Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Google Analytics In-depth

Digital Marketing Course In Chandigarh

Professional SEO Expert (Training Program)

  • Keyword Research and analysis
  • Search engine Optimization of the website
  • Dynamic Optimization of the website
  • Basics of SEO friendly website design
  • Website architecture analysis
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Google Algorithms – Panda & Panguin
  • Directory Submissions on Web
  • Advanced Link Building and concept of Link Popularity
  • Posting on Forums, Blogs, Guestbooks and Free classifieds
  • Competitor Analysis
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
  • Google Sandbox Effect
  • Search Engine Spam
  • Webmaster & Google Analytics
  • Optimizing For Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Google PPC Adwords, Adds Companign

Students who are interested in studying any of these courses can consult our experienced professionals as they will guide you the best course as per your capability and interest.

The professionals at Digitalschool are experienced and they ensure their students to provide best training along with certification. If the students are capable of having good job, then trainers definitely work on their internship and make sure they perform best. Student must consult the professionals of Digitalscool as they will assist you best.