Ankita Bhandari asks why Uttrakhand resort was razed when it had evidences

The family of the murdered Ankita Bhandari refused to perform the last rites. They demanded the post-Meryem report first. The father of the girl also questioned the Uttrakhand government over the demolition of the resort and asked why the resort was razed when it had some evidence. 

The SIT team is now investigating the case and also probing the WhatsApp chats of the teen. She had also disclosed to one of her close friends that she is forced to provide special services to the client at the resort. 

The resort owner, Pulkit area is the son of the BJP leader Vinod Arya. Its manager and the assistant manager were arrested on Friday and sent to 14-day judicial custody. The autopsy report revealed that she died as a result of drowning. There were also some injuries on her body before her death. 

The alleged murder of Ankita Bhandari sparked protests in the country. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami ordered an SIT probe into the incident and said he wanted the harshest punishment for the accused. 

DIG PR Devi SIT, in-charge told:

“We have called every employee in the resort to the police station.” We take everyone’s statements and run a full background analysis on the resort. Ankita’s WhatsApp chats have surfaced and are also being probed. We have not yet received the proper post-mortem report and will hopefully receive it today. 


  1. Where did Ankita live?

Ans. Uttarakhand 

  1. What is the age of Ankita Bhandari?

Ans. 19-year-old 

  1. Who is in charge of Ankita Bhandari’s case?

Ans. DIG PR Devi