An ideal skincare routine for oily skin

A person who has oily skin knows the struggle of having to deal with extra shine and greasy skin all day long. But the right skincare routine for oily skin will help you to make your skin less greasy and also control sebum production. The right skincare will help you to fight against oily skin, acne, blemishes, blackheads, and a lot more. 

Here are a few steps that should be added to your skincare routine for oily skin:

  • Wash your face with a cleanser. 

You should start your day by applying a base or foam-based cleanser. Make sure you are going with the mild one as it is enough to take out the excessive oil from your skin. The right cleanser will help your oily skin avoid pimples, but make sure you are not using it more than twice a day. 

  • Opt for the alcohol-free toner. 

A toner is a must for oily skin as it will remove the leftover dirt that cleanser couldn’t do. 

  • Use AHA and BHA serums. 

If you are worried about breakouts and blemishes, then you should go for the BHA as they are the most effective ones. 

  • Oil-free moisturizer 

People who have oily skin have to prefer oil-free materials for their skin. In the same way, you should go for the oil-free moisturizer as it will make your skin look healthier and shiner. 

  • Choose matte sunscreen. 

We recommend you avoid the SPF because it is sticky and greasy as well. So you should go with matte sunscreen. It will give you a dry look and avoid the extra oil on your skin as well.