A man killed his Hindu wife for not wearing Buqa and following Islamic tradition

Iqbal Mohammad Sheikh is a Mumbai resident and was arrested for allegedly murdering his Hindu wife. This incident took place in the Tilak Nagar area for refusing to wear the burqa and follow Islamic practices. It is based on the information given by the victim’s family that he was taken into custody shortly after the incident. 

The name of the victim is Rupali, and the accused, Mohammad Sheikh, had been married for the last three years. But since their marriage, Rupali has faced relentless pressure from the Sheikh family to follow Islamic tradition and wear a burqa. But Rupali was not willing to fulfill their demands. 

Then the 22-year-old girl decided to live separately because of the domestic scuffles with the Islamic practices. It is said that the murder happened on the evening of Monday, September 26, 2018. This is the date when Sheikh met his wife. 

On Monday, Rupali and Iqbal met, Rupali demanded a divorce, but he did not accept it as they have a child together. The man asked for custody of their son, but the woman opposed this. When she refused to fulfill their demands, Iqbal slit her throat with a knife and fled her.

The family member of Rupali at the police station said:

Iqbal Sheikh and his family used to pressurize her to follow Islamic rituals and wear a burqa during her marriage. But Rupali did not agree to it. 


  1. What is the name of the victim and accused?

Ans. Rupali and Iqbal Mohammad Sheikh 

  1. For how many years have they been married?

Ans. Three years 

  1. Do they have a child?

Yes. they do