A Ghaziabad doctor gets a threat “sar tan se juda” for supporting Hindu outfits

A doctor of Ghaziabad got a WhatsApp call threat “sar tan se juda” for supporting the Hindu organizations. The accused gave him a threat and also warned him not to support the Hindu outfits or else he would be beheaded. He also said that neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor Yogi will be able to protect you as we have done a year ago. 

The doctor has been running his clinic for the last two decades near the Lohia Nagar outpost, all this time in the Sihani Gate Police Station. He complained on Monday that he had received threatening calls from a mobile number that had a US  number. The doctor is associated with the Hindu association and got missed calls and WhatsApp calls on September the 1st for the first time. He was not able to attend the calls as he was asleep, and when he tried to make a return call, it got disconnected. 

Again, he got called on the 7th of September, and the caller threatened him not to support the Hindu organization. Based on the complaint, an FIR has been registered by the police and they are investigating this matter. The police and the cyber cells are now trying to arrest the culprits. 


  1. What kind of number does the caller use?

Ans. US number 

  1. What is the name of the victim?

Ans. Dr. Arvind, 

  1. When he gets the first call?

Ans. 1st September