5 tips for the daily and healthy skincare

It is a myth that skincare takes too much time, as you can take care of your skin by devoting only five to ten minutes. The skincare routine plays a very important role as it prevents skin aging, acne, and pimples and makes your skin more glowing and natural. In this article, you will get to know about the five simple and basic daily and healthy skincare routines. 

  • Protection from sun 

The sun is the source of vitamin D, but excessive sun exposure is not good for your skin. If your routine consists of numerous outgoings, then you should protect your skin from the sun. You can start using sunscreen. It will protect your skin from tanning, wrinkles, aging, spots, etc. To avoid sunscreen, we recommend you not go out between 10 and 4 pm because the sun’s rays are strongest at that time. 

  • Quit smoking 

Smoking leads to skin wrinkles and makes you look older. It simply narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin as it decreases the blood flow and makes your skin look pale. Smoking causes damage to the skin as well as to the lungs, so you should consult with your doctor to quit smoking. 

  • Treat skin gently 

Cleaning and proper care will make your skin look younger and more beautiful. You should use lime water to bathe and remove oil and dirt from your face. Make sure you are not using strong soaps and detergents, as they can strip oil and damage your skin deeply. The next thing you should keep in mind is that you should use shaving cream or gel before shaving or removing hair. After having a shower, you should pat your skin dry so that the moisture will remain.