Uttrakhand BJP Leader Vinod Arya was expelled after his son’s arrest

The BJP has suspended Pulkit Arya’s father, Vinod Arya, and his brother, Ankit Arya, with immediate effect. 

On Saturday, the BJP expelled Vinod Arya and Ankit Arya as they are the father and brother of the murder accused Pulkit Arya. The BJP took immediate action on this as he has been arrested in connection with alleged involvement in the murder of a 19-year-old receptionist named Ankita Bhandari. 

Ankita Bhandari is missing on the premises of a private resort owned by the BJP leader’s son, Pulkit Arya. And she was found by the police near Chilla powerhouse this morning. Vinod Arya’s son, Pulkit Arya, was arrested on Friday along with two other employees of the resort for allegedly killing the receptionist. The girl had been missing for the past few days.

In police custody, the accused confessed that they pushed her into the canal near the resort after a personal dispute. Following all this, she drowned, according to the police. After being suspended, Vinod Arya said that the district administration should investigate the matter, and if we are wrong, then action should be taken accordingly. 

The media in charge of the part, Manvir Chauhan said on Saturday that action has been taken against Vinod Arya and the Ankit on the order of the state BJP President Mahendra Bhatt. Vinod Arya is the party leader from Haridwar and has also formally served as a chairman of the Uttarakhand Mati Board with the state ministerial rank. 


  1. Who is the criminal?

Ans. Pulkit Arya 

  1. What does he do?

Ans. Murder of the Receptionist

  1. Where did he does murder?

Ans. On his farmhouse. 

How to find inner peace: Practical Steps

“Inner peace” is something that we cannot get from the outside environment. There is not any kind of standard process which you can follow to find that piece of your mind and soul. In your face is the state of physical and spiritual come with making you away from the different kinds of stresses. The ultimate ways include attaining happiness, contentment, and bliss, which you will get from the inside. 

Here are a few points which will help you to understand why finding peace in a way is so important:

  • Better functioning every day and handling your day affairs easily.
  • Increase energy levels and also improve emotional management
  • Reduce drama worries stress and increase the positive thoughts
  • You will not easily affect the negative comments of society.
  • The ability to learn how to deal with difficulties and problems.
  • The ability to have clear judgment while dealing with these stressful challenges is
  • Better sleep  

Finding peace is not an easy task as it shows how to try different things to get your pick. Here are a few things provided below, and you can try any according to your nature: 

  • Spend time in nature.
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Never let your past mistakes define you.
  • Love yourself.
  • Practice contentment and acceptance.
  • Declutter

The first point is very effective if you are a nature lover. Having a short walk or appreciating nature will help you to find peace within you, as by taking the breadth you can make your mind free from all the problems. You can also try meditation as it will give you physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Aside from all those days, you can also practice gratitude by writing or through affirmations.

Pakistan will apologize for four controversial remarks against the female judge

The Islamabad High court on Thursday decided not to frame charges against Pakistan PTI chairman Imran Khan in the contempt of court case in the controversial remark against a woman judge. The court has adjourned The contempt of code proceeding till the 29th of September. After that Khan communicated his willingness to apologize to Zeba for his controversial comment. After hearing a quantum of court case against him Imran Khan apologized before the Islamabad High court for his controversial comment about additional district and session judge Zeba Chaudhary which was made during the rally in Islamabad on the 20th of August

The code was expected to formally indict Khan 69 in The contempt proceeding against him for passing dubs comment against the female judge. On 29th August during a rally Khan threatened to file a case against top police authorities’ election commission and political opponents over the treatment made out to his aide Shahbaz Gill. Likewise, he had protested Judge Zeba as she had endorsed Gill today’s actual remand in line with the police and said that she should prepare herself as the action would be taken against her. After a few words of it is discourse Khan reserved under the anti-terrorism acting police legal executive and other institutions at his rally. 


  1. What is the name of the female judge?

Ans. Judge Zeba Chaudhary

  1. What was the date of the rally?

Ans. August 20 

  1. How much remand does she line up?

Ans. Two-day remand 

Better time management tricks for home

We are all aware of how much work it is to manage time at home. If you are working from home, then time management is very essential for smooth functioning. The issue of time management is not new a lot of people are facing numerical problems related to time management. You will get to learn about something and it will help you manage your time very well:

  • Shut down the distractions.
  • Strict schedule
  • Mapping out sports and attacking them
  • Mindset

Now the very first thing you have to do is to shut down all the distractions so that you will not be disturbed again. The distractions are categorized into two parts the first one is personal and the second one is general. In general, the description includes almost all technological distractions such as TV, mobile phones, social media, etc. You should always try to put the distracting things away from you so that you can only focus on work for a longer period of time.

Now the second point is to make a strict schedule and follow it. It will be your best friend in time management. It will help you to do things on time so that you can pick apart some time for the other things as well. You should prioritize things according to their value so that the important ones will be finished soon. And then you should try to work on the non-important things so that if you have a shortage of time, you can roll over the work to the next day. 

In the third step, you have to understand yourself, pick out some weak spots, and attack them. Some people are easily distracted by the siblings’ food prepared in the kitchen. If you are one of them you should have to pick a part sometime for the other activities and pick some time for the serious and non-distractable kind of work.

The Supreme Court broadcasts its trial in the Constitutional Court live

The 30 Chief Justices made a unanimous decision in the court session headed by the Chief Justice of India, U.U. Lalit. In order to improve transparency and accessibility, the Supreme Court has decided to broadcast live its proceedings of all hearings of the Constitutional Court. This change will take effect after September 27th. It is precisely a four-year landmark judgment in this regard that came in 2018.

This unanimous decision was made by the 30 judges of the Apex Court in a plenary session. It is headed by the Chief Justice of India, U.U. Lalit, and held on the evening of September 29 to implement a 2018 Supreme Court ruling. Let us inform you that on August 26, for the first time since its inception, the Supreme Court live-streamed the UTS proceedings of a bank led by then-Chief Justice N.V. Ramana on a webcast portal.

It was a ceremonial process as Judge Ramana was removed from office on August 26. Four years ago, on September 26, 2018, the Supreme Court made a major leap to bring transparency to the workings of the judiciary, allowing live streaming of court proceedings in cases of constitutional and national importance, saying that openness was similar to sunlight, which is the best disinfectant.


  1. What date did the Supreme Court impose transparency on the live streaming of court cases?

Ans. September 26th

  1. When should Judge Ramana leave office?

Ans. 26th of August

  1. When will live streaming start?

Ans. September 27th